I had been dyeing and bleaching my hair since I was 15, and all the chemicals are definitely not helping. Having very short hair for many years, I’ve recently grown my hair, and that means a lot more care. There is a price to pay when you want to have smooth and healthy looking hair. Let’s be honest, double bleached long Asian hair will never be healthy- at least I can try to make it LOOK healthier. The bleached hair can get really brittle and easily frizzy, especially in the dry and windy European winter days.  A while ago I came across a sample size of the English brand Percy & Reed   Overnight Recovery. I decided to bring it with me on my travels and give it a try, and it works for my hair! It’s a leave-in treatment that absorbs instantly into dry hair, helping to nourish, rehydrate and even to repair the damage. I woke up the next day with silky and less frizzy hair for real.

A while later, my friend, superstar hairstylist Marco Chan, who works with international big fashion shows that include Victoria’s Secret, recommended the brand to me again, and picked some products that he thinks will suit my hair. Coming from a professional hairstylist, I knew the products have a quality approcal. So I had the wonder treatment oil, perfectly perfect wonder balm, No oil oil, dry shampoo and the TLC hydrating mask for my damaged hair.

Now for those you’re not too familiar with the brand, Percy & Reed are hairdressers. They spent decades working with the best in the business, jet-setting around the world, tending to the locks of the famous and glamorous. With the intention to make everything they’ve learned to be available to everyone, they teamed up and opened a salon in London. Then they developed their own range incorporated everything they know to give products which truly work. At the moment there are 2 salons only in London, but the products are available in Asia (at a very good price point too!)

I often finish off my styling with the treatment oil. There is Camellia Seed Oil that restores moisture and protects, Macadamia Seed Oil that penetrates the scalp and hair, for strength and elasticity; and there is vitamin-rich Carrot Seed Oil to rejuvenate and regenerate.

I also love the packaging of the products, the illustration, and their names are so much fun, and so chic! I never really put too many products, especially oil on my hair because it gets greasy and they pile up if you don’t wash out well. But the product range by Percy & Reed so far hasn’t given me that problem at all. Their dry shampoo, which I’m using less than the others but a must-have at home, is the best go-to product after a night out and you can’t be bothered to wash your hair at 3am, so at least I don’t wake up smelling like a cigarette the next day with greasy dirty hair.

So you see, my hair is so long, but at least they don’t look that damaged. This is double-bleached hair, with some colour refresh applied, hence the chocolaty/ blonde/ plum colour. I mixed the colour with the hydrating mask, left it on for about 10 mins, rinsed off, and applied the treatment oil after air-drying my hair. The mask is specifically formulated to address the needs of parched, distressed hair, the deep-nourishing, hydrating treatment leaves hair soft, manageable and reconditioned. It comes with a treatment bonnet designed and illustrated by Jessica May Underwood, exclusively for the brand, which provides the benefits of a salon treatment at home.  It can be used on all hair types. Especially brilliant for dry, frizzy, coarse, rebellious, dehydrated and chemically-treated hair. Or hair which has been heat damaged.


Now these are just a few products that works for my hair, they have a wide range of products that is suitable for any hair type. I always believe that there are so many good products out there, if they don’t work for you, they are not good for you. A good product is one that works for your hair at its current state, and you need to know how to look after your hair if you want a nice hairstyle- there is really no shortcut or secret.