Carcel, a Danish clothing brand that is new to many, but making a huge impact globally. Set to transform problems into solutions by re-evaluating every step of the supply chain, they set up productions in women’s prisons, and only uses 100% natural materials local to the country of production. Each Carcel garment is made by women in prison in order to empower them to obtain a crime-free future and break with poverty.  The designs are made to last beyond seasons and launched in limited batches to eliminate stock and waste. The result is desirable, long-lasting and non-seasonal designs that are born classics. We talk about sustainability so much these days, but what exactly it is, and how do we, consumers and retailers tackle this? where do we even start?


Early in 2017, the founders of Carcel bought analogue hand knitting machines in Peru and started the training of women in prison in Cusco, Peru. The vision is to provide the women with new skills, good wages and possibilities for crime-free beginnings. Carcel has now 15 women employed, and the styles are made in 100% baby alpaca wool locally-sourced in Peru. Back in Feburary this year, Veronica D’Souza, CEO and FOUNDER, signed an exceptional partnership agreement with the Thai Ministry of Justice to provide new opportunities for women in prison. The partnership contains a clothing production set-up inside women’s prisons, which will provide the women fair wages and new skills in production. The production will be Danish designs made by locally-sourced silk. Not only this new partnership in Thailand contains the brand, the Thai Ministry of Justice, and the Inspire Projects (Kamplangjai Project) initiated by HRH Princess Bajrakitiyabha, who is UN Goodwill Ambassador and co-writer on the ‘UN Bangkok Rules’ that improves the rights for women in prison; this partnership also ensure good wages, training and educational premises, a transparent payment system, and high-quality products in silk.


“It’s deeply rooted in our Danish design DNA to make pieces of long-lasting quality. Our designs have an understated sporty reference with a certain elegance. They are to be worn effortlessly and are items that you can always pull out of the closet – no matter the season. And to me, the Milano Outfit and our Uni-Tee are exactly that”, says Louise van Hauen, Creative Director and Partner at Carcel. Designed to last, there is no sales, no season, no compromise- a truly no wastage model to reverse the damage that fast fashion has done to the environment and the industry.

As the young Danish brand continues to establish themselves on the global fashion scene, they are now joining a more international platform-NET-A-PORTER from 22nd June onwards. From €160 for the Uni-tees to €305 for Milano Jumper and Milano Trouser, these limited batch will be available for a wider audience now.

All pieces on the brand’s own online shop allow customers to pay everything up front during the pre-order windows, and they will start production with the aim of only producing what’s already sold to eliminate waste and unsold stock. It usually takes about 6-8 weeks for products to be delivered, because one woman can only produce 1-2 items a day. Now you can support the brand and all these women and start making a change. It starts small, but it has to start somewhere. The world needs more brands with such great causes like Carcel.


Creative Director and Partner: Louise van Hauen CEO and Founder: Veronica D’Souza