A while ago I had my first flight experience with Virgin Atlantic from London to New York. I have heard so many positive feedback and recommendations from friends and family about them but never had a chance to try it out. So when I flew to New York, I decided to give it a try. I can say now I understand why there had been so many good feedback.

I like the fact that all the online booking system is simple, clear and easy, their reminders are also very handy. In a time where all airlines are competing against each other, even the premium ones are trying to out-do the budget airlines, it’s always a gamble to pay for a premium airline when you’re not sure if you were to receive the equal standard delivery, or actually a budget airline service. For me, from the moment I arrived at the check-in counter at Heathrow airport, it was a lovely experience all the way. Being a lucky passenger I got an upgrade to Premium class and had access to the fast track security and clubhouse. It was amazing. Imagine an international busy airport like Heathrow, how much time you end up saving just queueing up for security check. The fast track was very hidden and exclusive, and it was just simple and easy, within 5 mins I was through.

Heading to the clubhouse at Heathrow, they surely took it to the next level. Like some other lounges, there is a spa and a salon, but what I really like most is the design of the clubhouse. Unpretentious, spacious, modern and chilled. Each table has a menu and there is friendly staff looking after every single passenger in the clubhouse. Like many, there are options for cold and hot food and beverage, alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Spending time in the clubhouse was purely enjoyable and comfortable.

I didn’t understand why the staff at the clubhouse told me I could go to boarding gate when it’s almost final call, but as soon as I got on board I understood. Most of the passengers had boarded by then, so when we got there, it was a short wait before the flight was ready to take off. Time is money-  for many passengers were on business trips and working during the flight, it made sense, they even have wifi connection on the flight. I got upgraded to the premium class, a bit more spacious and comfortable seats for 7 hours flight across the Atlantic, welcoming staff offering welcome drinks and meals and constant snacks throughout the night. It was the proper premium standard one would be expecting for the price of the flight you had paid for. This is crucial because it makes such a big difference, passengers have an expectation and the airline is known for its friendly staff and great service, good food, and comfy seats. They were all met and worth every penny.  The Virgin flights have only 3 classes- economy, premium and upper. They are very distinctive and you get exactly what you paid for. I was happy and satisfied with the premium class, now imagine the upper class…

For the upper class, all seats can be turned into a flatbed, and there is a sky bar where you can enjoy a nightcap or have a little mingling. Nice isn’t it?

On my way back from NYC to London, I had access to the clubhouse at JFK airport too. The fast track security again saved me a lot of time, the clubhouse location was right opposite the boarding gate, which I found it wonderfully helpful. It is smaller than the one at Heathrow, but it has a pool table there. Equally modern and spacious designs, the staff was once again very warm and friendly. As for the view from there, I watched the beautiful sunset while waiting to board my flight home.

It was a very pleasant flight experience with Virgin Atlantic. I have to say, jet-setting frequently myself, it is really hard to find an airline that meets your expectation, and still has the integrity of keeping up with its standard and quality of service.