I am a regular in Copenhagen, and every time I return, the city still manages to surprise me.
The long-awaited Nobis Hotel Copenhagen has finally opened, in time for the beautiful festive season. I had written about the other Nobis Hotels in Sweden previously, and staying here at the latest and first in Copenhagen has been a much-anticipated experience for me.

”It’s our personal definition of luxury. As a contemporary frequent traveler, I want a hotel to be elegant, comfortable, friendly and efficient, but I don’t need all that unnecessary excess and artificial service still often associated with luxury in the traditional sense”

– Alessandro Catenacci, founder, owner and CEO at Nobis Hospitality Group

For sure, Nobis really accomplished that. Prior to my arrival, I had a small injury and I had been emailing the hotel front desk a bit about this. As soon as I got there, the hotel staff had my room ready, and made sure they bring me anything I needed. Not only they went above and beyound to help, they were even so flexible as in willing to hold the restaurant for me for a little longer if I wished to have breakfast there. Very impressed. They also check with me how am I doing and if I need anything every time I walk pass the reception or the entrance. The warmth and the extent of their help is really sweet and touching.

Right next to the Carlsberg Glyptotek Museum, Tivoli and Central station, the location is central but a little away from all the buzz. The building on its own is rich in history. Originally designed by architect Martin Borch, Royal Surveyor in Copenhagen from 1903-1923, it is one of the first concrete building structures in the Danish capital.The interior is designed in co-operation with the Swedish star architect Gert Wingårdh, to create the concept of contemporary five-star luxury – elegant and timeless, superior comfort, but also personalized, sharp and updated in every detail. For many years, it was the base for Royal Danish Academy of Music. The main staircase which is so magnificent is still the exact same marble staircase as it was during this time.

The high ceilings of the building were, and still are, incredibly suitable for acoustic instruments. What is now the Nobis Suite used to work as a small concert hall for special events, and was also the audition room for potential new students. The Penthouse areas belonged to the violin and cello players, while the basement hosted the percussion groups – allowing them to be exactly as loud as they wanted to be.

Something you must know about the hotel is the Restaurant Niels. The name is from the history and the story of The Royal Danish Conservatory of Music that used to be housed in the same building. It was founded in 1867 by one of the most important musicians of Danish times; composer Niels Wilhelm Gade. More than a hundred years after his foundation, The Conservatory moved into the beautiful building that is now our restaurant, where they continued the tradition of composition and music history until 2008. Chef de Cuisines Casper Sundin, who is heading the restaurant has brought in the finest nordic cuisine, creating this cozy and unintimidating place that serves top-notch food. Basing his gastronomic philosophy entirely on supreme quality ingredients in season, with focus on the rich local Danish farmlands and the best of what the rest of Scandinavia has to offer. The ingredients are handled, prepared and combined in accordance with the kitchen’s own personal and updated culinary philosophy. Here they serve great breakfast, lunch, dinner and weekend brunch. The breafast didn’t disappoint, and the impressive memories of the staff there was really worth mentioning. They are all very lovely and friendly.

Thank you for making my stay so wonderful and welcomed. I highly recommend this to my friends, even to those in Denmark!