We are getting more conscious about healthy eating and well-being in recent years. It is a balance of lifestyle, diet and the mind. Earlier on the celebrated cook, TV Presenter and author Jasmine Hemsley released her latest cookbook East by West on healthy eating, taken on a 5,000 year-old concept of ancient Ayurvedic wisdom to combine with friendly-approach modern style.


The book contains 140 simple receipe with ancient Ayurvedic philosophy of eating to nourish, sustain and repair for ultimate mind-body balance. Packed with beautiful colour photography and inspired by Jasmine’s personal journey with food and healthy living, and her travels through India and Sri Lanka. East by West is a continuation of Jasmine’s passion on mind-body-spirit balancing and nourishing. Simple recipes such as the Golden Milk (a breakfast drink that’s also good at bedtime), a classic Ayurvedic dal porridge (one pot stew including Chicken Soup for the Soul with Chickpea Dumplings and Kitchari) and sweet treats such as Carrol Halwa to begin your meal.


To allow more people to experience that, on her book launch event she created a pampering evening with sound bath meditation, a simple but filling Ayurvedic meal and a Dosha Analysis with advise on how to balance your body and mind. It took place on a very cold evening in London, within a small chapel in the heart of London .