Paris is always a good idea, especially outside fashion week.

Earlier this month I headed over to Paris for a few days, and decided to stay at Le Cinq Codet on the left bank for a change. I’ve always stayed in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd arr. in Paris for work, this is my second time staying on the left bank.

Part of the Design Hotel portfolio, Le Cinq Codet is slightly tucked in a small street just off a main road. In the heart of the prestigious 7th arrondissement,  with only 4 mins walk from the closest metro station, and close to Rodin Museum, and the Eiffel Tower, it is every inch a quiet little oasis surrounded by many cafes, restaurants, bars, supermarket and public transport stops.

Housed within the former France Telecom building from the 1930s, the hotel is masterfully restored by acclaimed designer Jean-Philippe Nuel. A mixture of architecture, art and nature, the hotel creates a cozy and laid back atmosphere. The huge windows and high ceilings allow a lot of light to come in, even at night the hotel and rooms are quite well-lid from the lights outside. Every of the 67 rooms each evoke an artistic loft experience, the hotel is filled with an outstanding collection of museum-quality works throughout , including photographs by Jean-Pierre Porcher in the lobby, bespoke furniture by the likes of Elizabeth Garouste, Tom Dixon, and Patricia Urquiola. Materials throughout the hotel stand out due to their contradictory pairings, such as oak and glass or leather and steel. The result is a world tinged with masculine chic and rationalist charm.

The restaurant and bar is hidden in the middle of the hotel building, with plants and open-air design, creating a quiet retreat space for anyone who wants to take a little break from the buzz of the city, which is just two streets away.


Even the jacuzzi of the hotel is designed and located at an open space, with wood panelling and green furniture, giving the sense of an oasis.

My room was so beautiful and cool at the same time, filled with art pieces, photographs and designer furniture. The double height window lets so much natural light in, and even extended into the bathroom. The bathtub next to the bed was my favourite.

The restaurant is an extension of the patio and the lounge bar, Antoine K’ros, worked at Le Grand Palais under the guidance of Mr. Ducasse, is an exceptional chef who prizes precision as much as adventure. The chef at Le Codet restaurant is devoted first and foremost to the inherent beauty of his ingredients, which he spins mischievously into creative, but subtle dishes. His cuisine appears simple, but it elevates the bounty of the seasons with distinction. You can see that this has been translated into the breakfast selection. The presentation, the variety of freshly made food, and the quality are up to standard.

I used the time during my stay to explore a little of the left bank around the hotel, it gives me a perfect base to walk around and explore. It took me a little bit to figure out the navigation, only because I was more used to the other side of the river and 7th arr was very new to me. But once you figure that out, it’s very easy and quick. Even if it was to head back to the other side of the river, it doesn’t actually take that long. Basically within about 20 mins you can get anywhere in Paris. And thanks to the quietness of the area, I slept like a baby. If you want to explore a slightly different side of Paris, start looking here as a base, you won’t be disappointed.