What’s the most frustrating thing when you travel? Delays, stranded at airport, waiting for the suitcase that never shows up, long queues of customs and security checks…. It takes up so much time and energy by the time you arrive your destination you are less excited than you should be.

In a sharing economy that allows the boom of uber and airbnb, SurfAir is amongst that to change the way of travelling. Operated on subscription basis, members pay a monthly fee which gives you access to a private jet experience. This could be an option for you to travel hassle-free. Founded in California 3 years ago, the recently launched European lines started with London to Ibiza, with plans to expand to Cannes, Zurich, Luxembourg, Munich and Milan . A membership of “all you can fly” starts from £1,750 a month. You can book a seat within 30seconds on the app and there is no need for boarding passes. Check in and security checks are done in a breeze at the comfortable private lounge, or designated counter. Everything is taken care of from the moment you arrive the private terminal until you leave the terminal at your destination.


Since it’s a small private jet so there won’t be any hostess on the plane, but you are surely well looked-after by 2 pilots.  What about food? there are more than enough supply of complimentary drinks and snacks for your journey. If you travel in a group, it is fun to be on the same flight, but if you are a single traveler, you might have to share with other like-minded travellers- a more intimate way to meet new people, right? Now, wait isn’t this a private jet? Yes it is, it is private to members of Surfair. So if you don’t want to spend too much on renting or owning your own entire private jet, Surfair is a very good choice to go. There is a schedule for flights on different routes, so if this suits your schedule more, it will save you more costs on running your own jet. Of course, if you want to book out the entire jet for yourself, I’m sure the team would be more than happy to sort that out for you.

At the moment Surfair Europe has only one of its fleet, the 8 seater jet will take you from London to Ibiza in less than 3 hours inclusive of arrival at airport, flight time and leaving the airport at your destination. Wait comfortably at the lounge at the private terminals, get greeted and escorted to the plane by the staff, all you have to do is turn up at the terminal with your suitcase 15-30mins before boarding. Time is money, and this sounds like the best solution to frequent travellers and business travellers, saving a minimum of 2 hours per journey.


It might sound a bit over-the-top for frequent travellers in Asia to subscribe to private jet services, in Europe and America, it is very common for business travellers and companies to have staff commuting in between cities or countries on a weekly or even daily basis. Now imagine what would be the time and cost of flying day in day out like this on a commercial flight? With Surfair membership, a lot more can get done with that extra 2 hours per journey saved (we will be talking about a rough 14 hours per week!). The experience for sure will change your way of travelling.