Here comes Summer, the season for sunshine and beach, junk trips and water sports. Now one of the biggest headache a lot of people (women in particular), is finding the right set (or sets) of bikini. I am a strong believer in picking the right fit would work magic. Rather than having a “perfect” body shape, finding what actually compliments and work with your body shape is more important. Growing up as a professional swimmer, I have very precise requirement when I purchase swimwear. For me, most bikinis in the market are more made for sunbathing on the shore, or walking around the poolside rather than really being in the water , let alone participating in any watersports.


When I first visited Brazil few years ago, I met some respectable Brazilian swimwear designers where I learnt first-hand about the quality and had my very first set of Brazilian bikinis. There they celebrate curves and natural body shapes, very different from most Asian culture where women with curves trying to hide  them.  When I wore my Brazilian bikini, they look so flattering and not overly-exposing. Well that was more because I did not choose the designs with least fabric. Actually you can expose a lot of your body, because the world-famous teeny-weeny bikinis are indeed very sexy if you want them to be (and you don’t need to have the body of Victoria’s Secret Angel for that!) . IMG_0004


I have had countless swimsuits for training growing up, some bikinis that are more sports friendly such as from Roxy or Billabong etc, so I know my fabric and quality. When I met Daniela and Aline, the designers and founders behind Brazilian swimwear and activewear brand SixtyNinety, as soon as Aline showed me some of the swimwear and when I feel the fabric, I knew they are onto something. Designed by women for women with a social conscious using the first biodegradable yarn in the world Made of Fluity CO2 Free, the swimwear is smartly eco- friendly and sizzling sexy. The Amni Soul fabric and hot designs became an instant hit with influencers such as Arizona Muse, Millie Mackintosh and Lily Fortescue. The duo are also playfully named their bikinis after delicious drinks like the Caipirinha (of course!) , Mojito and Margarita; and fitness items named after popular young female celebrities like Cara, Gigi and Kendall. As to why is the brand called Sixty Ninety, that is inspired by the classic myth of 60-90cm as a woman’s ideal body measurements.

IMG_5958 copy


I wore my SixtyNinety bikinis to Capri earlier on for a weekend, and they looked absolutely stunning. Subtly sexy and almost alluring. The entire collection have a lot of options where you can choose to cover all up, or go very minimal. Personally I think the trick is to always try on the bikini and find the set that you’re most comfortable with wearing in public.  Their activewear collection which I also wear for working out are equally sexy with nice fabric and easy-to-wear designs, some can even be worn for a day out.

IMG_6876 copy
Earlier this month they have launched their first European pop-up at Verdura Spa and Golf Resort, a leading Rocco Forte hotel designed by Sir Rocco’s designer own sister, Olga Polizzi in 2009 on the stunning shoreline of Sicily, Italy. And they have also hosted an event with Adam Saks, known as “The Master Shredder” and “Adam Scissor Hands” , who is famous for his live T-shirt cutting performances at STK Ibiza.  Looks like these girls are on fire. Watch this space!


Here are a little chit chat with the gorgeous duo Daniela and Aline.

What’s the idea behind creating the brand? 

We actually started to discuss the idea while in Burning Man (the festival). We both had the wish to start a business that could make the link between Europe-Brazil. First came the activewear and the swimwear followed naturally.


How is Brazilian bikinis different from others? What makes them special? 

The cut. I think in Brazil we have a better understanding of ‘How to dress the female body using as little fabric as possible’. It is all about highlighting the curves, while avoiding the trouble areas that tend to be similar for all women. Try a seamless bikini nicely cut and you’ll never want to wear anything else to the beach.


What’s your tip for girls on choosing bikinis? 

Understand your body, that is the number one rule when choosing any item of clothing. Comfort is key. Choose a bikini that highlights the features you like in your body. For example: If you have small hips and want to look a bit curvier, go for bottoms that regulate on the sides. Like our Cosmopolitan bottom.


What’s your favourite workout? 

Daniela – I’m a big fan of HIIT workouts. I like hardcore, full on sessions – If there is someone screaming at me…better! One of my all time favourite classes is Barry’s Bootcamp.

Aline – I prefer the exercises that focus more on muscle building. Slower paced, such as: Pilates and Weight Lifting. I love a good hot yoga class as well.


Do You recall your first bikini moment? 

Aline- Being born in Brazil means being born wearing a bikini. It is our weekend attire, a reminder of good moments spent on the beach with our families and friends.

Daniela– I remember that I adored a neon bikini I had as a child. My mom always made me wear bright colours at the beach, so it was easier to keep an eye on me while I ran around.


Favourite Place is Brazil? 

Daniela – Rio De Janeiro. The city has this unique vibe. It is chaotic and shockingly beautiful at the same time. People there live like they are on an endless holiday trip. It is the only city in the world where it is totally acceptable to shop in a supermarket wearing just a speedo.

Aline – Tranconso – BA. This charming village was once a fisherman’s place and now holds Brazil’s best New Years party week. The beaches are endless, tropical and the water is warm. People in Bahia are among the nicest in Brazil, no stress, only good vibes.


What’s the one thing visitors cannot miss?

Everybody should be obliged to have a traditional cachaça caipirinha. We’re sure that after a few cocktails your time in Brazil will flow just fine.