Fashion world has long been admiring the Danish fashion scene- how effortless and cool they are, how laid-back yet unique at the same time. Apart from the internationally known Danish brands, the industry is definitely emerging and worth paying attention to. 2 years ago I first went to Aarhus for Headstart Fashion Delegation, and met some interesting talented designers. A while ago I went back and met some more.

Aarhus, for those who are not too familiar, is the second largest city in Denmark. It is the European Capital of Culture 2017.  A small city in Jutland, I’ve been told to celebrate the vibrant culture and heritage especially this year, there are more than 400 events planned- meaning there are more than 1 event happening every single day. The most signature landmark of the city is the ARoS (Aarhus Art Museum), the rainbow panorama on the rooftop installed by Studio Olafur Eliasson, Berlin, has become one of the most visited sites in the city.



In 2 days time, I had the pleasure to meet the creative team and driving power behind brands covering from jewellery to jeans, custom-made fashion to handbags.   We visited the headquarters of Danish minimal jewellery brand Pilgrim and quality jeans brand Mos Mosh outside Aarhus ; spoke to luxurious leather brand why7, unisex leisurewear brand TwelvePieces tracing the Egyptian roots of the designer,  a modern version of the 1930s by-appointment made to order fashion brand September Salon , functional and luxurious leather bags Rodtnes, edgy shoe brand independent brand Another Project,  Ackite that designs to fit every occasion, Dansk Bomuldskompagni ,who’s fabrics and designers are all made for the buyer/retail owner -turned designer and the passionate tailor and designer Sabine Petri.








The event was held at Aarhus city hall, where the mayor of the city delivered an opening speech to kick off. Headstart Fashion, the organiser behind this has been hugely supportive of local fashion industry and emerging designers in every way they can. Starting from Central Denmark Region, the purpose  is to contribute to growth, development and collaboration in the fashion industry. Every year they select a number of designers to showcase and hoping to offer an opportunity for international industry to know about them. Being a great host as always, they also organised city walks to show international journalists the development of the city, cool local spots and architecture, world renown nordic cuisine etc, offering a whole experience of how vibrant and richly cultured the city, and the country is.


The building is very cool. The restaurant is not open for public, so you will have to call for private events to book.