Do you know what’s so special about this view? It is the iconic London night view, but also the place I was standing on taking this photo, was where Fred Astaire danced. And as Gene Kelly would later say, dance history begins with Fred Astaire. This very rooftop on The Savoy, London, marks the beginning of a very interesting new cocktail bar menu that has recently been launched.

The Savoy in London has long been one of the most loved luxury hotels through time. Celebrities, actors, actresses etc had been regular guests, and when they do, there is always some urban myths or stories be told. Researching on the history of the hotel and digging into some more details, Head Bartender Kyle Wilkinson, along with Bar Manager Anna Sebastian and the whole Beaufort Bar team has created the new menu.  It is set to surpass even the ingenuity of the bar’s previous award-winning pop-up book in terms of innovative design, thematic style, flavour combinations and signature serves. Made up of twenty cocktails, each one tells a story about a different part of the hotel through illustrations, flavours and smells.



The menu opens with Under The Stars, a cocktail inspired by Fred Astaire, who famously danced upon the roof of The Savoy in the 1920s, goes on to document a number of well-documented and lesser known tales: a bellboy’s infamous first day, a cocktail shaker buried inside the American Bar, the wartime ‘Tich’s Bar’ frequented by journalists, and the relaunch of the hotel in 2010. Matching distinctive tastes with unique ingredients and bespoke essences, the menu will use the likes of leather, spices, paper, walnut and chocolate perfume to recreate a sense of actually being there to witness each story unfold. The signature spirits and favourite flavours of famous residents such as Duran Duran, Richard Harris, Bon Jovi and aviator Amy Johnson will be used to create the cocktails that they have inspired.





Each cocktail was created with a story of a famous celebrity behind, and you can read the little description on the menu. I particularly love the design of the menu, it’s a tunnel book, as if it is taking you through the journey of time.




This drink, namely The Showgirl, is inspired by the ultimate Hollywood showgirl- Marilyn Monroe. So you see, the lighted mirror that comes with the drink as presentation is exactly the kind of vibe you would expect for a girl like Marilyn.

The Master of Suspense



Can you guess which famous person this is inspired by? The chess, the smoke, the suspension- Alfred Hitchcock. And the name of this drink? ” The Master of Suspense”

Having taken 10 months to create, the limited edition tunnel book menu has been elaborately and painstakingly illustrated by Shotopop. Designed in the opposite way to regular tunnel books, the cutouts get larger as guests traverse the menu, with every page-turn revealing a new design. Inspired by the eras most associated with the Savoy, the illustrations combine Art Nouveau and Art Deco styles with a truly modern and unique finish. With only 1500 made, each limited edition menu can be bought as a gift priced at £50.

If you still haven’t make a visit and try out one of these 20 cocktails, or strong enough to go through all of them, I strongly suggest you make a trip to The Savoy. Being in the Beauforf Bar is pure indulgence anyway, with a drink or two in hand and some fascination of history pieces in mind? Can’t think of any better ways to spend a chilled evening.