Have you ever feel like you dont understand how you feel?
There are moments in life where we face cross roads, that we are low in energy and we feel down, sometimes all we need is just a person who understands and be able to put things into perspective objectively.
About 1.5 years ago I met Sinéad, an intuitive specialist who has just won the best women’s mentor of the year 2016. Now if you havent any idea what is an intuitive specialist, you can read about my experience with her here. Fastforward 1.5 year, when we met again earlier at 4 Wellness , as usual, Sinead will read your energy without asking any questions and tell you what she felt. She picked up the key emotions that was happening during that time and gave me literally an energy boost. It was exactly what i needed. I am not going into details about the spiritual experiences of my healing session, which still amazes me.
Each treatment experience is different and unique as Sinéad follows no procedure and rely’s on her intuition alone. She will then design a treatment in accordance to what your body needs by incorporating various massage techniques, alternative therapies and philosophies such as Shiatsu, deep tissue, aromatherapy, lymphatic drainage, Balinese, reflexology, energy healing, chakra balancing, Reiki etc. So it really depends on what your body needs at that moment.
Whether or not you believe in spirituality or intuition, gaining some clarity and having some guidelines are definitely helpful. The most important takeaway of the session was the fact that Sinead could describe how I felt, my multiple layers of emotions, and she gave me advices on how to let them go and work on it. We all have to learn some tools to understand our emotions and then let them go, for if not, we will always be stuck in that loop. They say history keeps repeating itself until you’ve learnt the lesson. Whatever the lesson is, differs from individual, yet the only thing in common is that we all have emotions, afterall, we are only human.
After the session and chat with Sinéad, I can totally see why she won the best mentor award. Studied Business Law and using her natural healing gift, Sinéad is also an independent business advisor incorporating all her knowledge and experiences. Her easy to understand approach breaks down the complicated issues, giving you simple and practical tips that you can work on at home to help you progress. She is always so warm and welcoming in emailing her if theres any questions or anytime in need. She also holds workshops regularly on multiple topics.
Later on in June and August, Sinead has created an exciting retreat in Marrakech.  Staying at Dar Jaguar, there will be sessions and healings with her, some workshops and meditation under the stars and in the plunge pool, and a day or two in exploring Marrakech.
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If you are into yoga retreats, detox getaways etc, this is another option for you to spend a few days looking after your mind and body. Ready to jump onto the mindfulness journey to enrich and enhance your life ?