If you are still doing a last-minute Christmas trip planning, here is one experience for you.

As Rotterdam has become more and more popular among travellers, one of the most iconic hotels that I had stayed there twice, nHow hotel, has created something really special. In my previous posts I had mentioned how much I love about the hotel’s panorama view, the location and the creativity they put into every setting and design. This Christmas, they have created something special for the annual auction for the Red Cross. The auction is a very big thing in the Netherlands. It is being organized by one of Hollands most famous radio stations 3FM to raise money for children in need in third world countries. 3FM has partnered with the Red Cross organization for the actualization of their projects. In such occasion, they have created the biggest hotel room of the Netherlands in one of their most beautiful event spaces; The Loft.

01 totaal shot recht

Rick Arnold Photography.

With a size of 285m2, floor to ceiling windows, panoramic view over the skyline of Rotterdam, a private bar, pinball machine, a king-size box spring bed and design furniture it becomes a unique experience. It will be available only for 1 night ( December 29th 2016 )for maximum of 2 people.  The room is MASSIVE. You can dance, you can chill, you can enjoy the best view of Rotterdam in the loft, all to yourselves for one night. One thing though, there is no actual bathroom in the room because it is originally an event space. But it does have toilets where guests get an extra room for the use the shower or to take a bath. Breakfast in bed is included. (I would be SO disappointed if it is not-what’s better than having breakfast with such view?!)

03 (back to front straight)

Rick Arnold Photography.


To enter the bidding, all you have to do is go into this link: https://veiling.3fm.nl/overnachting-voor-2p-in-de-grootste-hotelkamer-van-nederland-op-29-12 (it is in dutch but bidding is real easy; just scroll down and fill in the form. BIED MEE means: BID to item). All proceedings will go to Red Cross. Giving is a blessing, and Christmas is such a warm festival in the Western world, why not treat yourself a unique experience while being about to help the ones in need?



nHow Hotel Rotterdam
Wilhelminakade 137
3072 AP – Rotterdam
+31 (0)10 206 7600