Last week I was whisked away to Ibiza for a last minute 48 hours getaway by the JPR Media girls. Knowing them for a while now I pretty much knew what I was getting into and how much fun I could expect. (actually, it’s less than 48 hours)

So here’s what happened :
Pick up at 4.30am, a bit about 2.5 hours flight from London we landed at Ibiza around noon. Checked into the stylish OD Talamanca Hotel, got picked up and went to lunch at Ocean Beach Club. A lunch turned into a fun afternoon poolside party at the DJ booth, picked up and go back to hotel for a change, and off to dinner at STK Ibiza.
It was where the fun escalated , live performances, great company, amazing food and awesome music got everyone in a happy mood, and we had so much fun that night that we barely remember the gang only met each other about 12 hours ago in London!  The rest is history.

After the epic fun night, day 2 pretty much was chilling by the pool side and working on the suntan, chatting and relaxing for almost 6 hours before heading back to London.

Read all about my experiences in the coming few posts. Thank you Jessica, Ashleigh and Anna-Marie for the most amazing Ibiza sensational 36 hours!