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A jewellery lover myself, I am constantly on the look out for new jewellery designers and pieces.
Alexia Jordan, Dinny Hall, Daisy London, Jessica De Lotz Jewellery and R.Y.M Jewellery are some of the jewellery brands that you don’t want to miss out on.  A good pair of stud earrings is like a white shirt in the closet- everyone who has piercings need to have at least one good pair (if you can resist not buying more, and more and more).  It is so much fun to mix it up on these small earrings- geometric, colours, materials, shapes…get on with the multiple piercing trend and play around with it.

To give you an idea, here are some of the earring pieces from these designers, be sure to check out their websites because they have a lot of interesting and beautiful pieces! Some are VERY expensive due to the materials and gemstones they use, some are very affordable. But surely everyone can find something for themselves.

Jessica de Lotz X Louise Androlia


Jessica de Lotz, heavily inspired by her father, a military history book seller whose antiquarian bookshop was at home, she enjoys  scouring flea markets, car boot sales and antique fairs was innate and ultimately fueled her creativity, you will often find her pieces reminiscing an old-school charm and nostalgic romance.


Dinny Hall

Dinny Hall


Having been in the industry for 30 years, Dinny Hall ‘s  pieces are simple and modern. They were even worn by supermodel Christy Turlington. She finds inspiration in everything from the shape of a petal to exhibitions of 400-year-old art. From sketch to store, Dinny is personally involved in every one of her pieces.


Alexia Jordan

Alexia Jordan

Alexia Jordan, who launched her brand earlier in November 2015, took inspiration from a life based between London and New York. Her debut range is a fresh take on fine jewellery, designed to be worn with effortless style over a simple white tee. 

Dubai-based designer Reem Mobassaleh, founder of R.Y.M Jewellery  launched with three collections – Diamond Digit, Purely Portmanteau and R.Y.M. Essentials, the pieces were designed to be discovered individually as well as mixed and matched across the collections to create a unique aesthetic and meaning.

Daisy London


Globally know for her Charka collection, Daisy London was founded in 2009, born out of a love for the beautiful and exotic, a passion for travel and a taste for adventure. Each collection carries a story inspired by the things Daisy loves and cherishes.