It’s always interesting to attend fashion weeks in different cities. You get the chance to see so many things that reflects the city and the country during those intensive days. Earlier in April, I was invited to St. Petersburg Fashion Week for the first time. Immediately I was intrigued, because I’ve been to the place once very long time ago, yet was never exposed to the fashion side of it.

Under the patronage of Fashion Syndicate St.Petersburg, supported by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation and the Government of Saint Petersburg, the 4-days fashion week took place on The New Stage of the Aleksandrinsky Theatre. Not only it showcases young and independent designers from Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Belarus, Montenegro etc,  it is also held as a part of several events of the city project called «St.Petersburg is an intellectual center of Russian design» and is presented in the official calendars of the Committee on Culture of the Government of St. Petersburg and the Committee on Youth Policy.

So many interesting designers showcasing their collection and work, here are some of my favourites.

Opening the fashion week was Fabric Fancy show. Starting with a Russian ballet performance, the collection designed by Sergei Khromchenkov, uses the brand’s own collection of fabrics and creates unique images of clothing, creating endless pieces for this highly wearable collection. There was more than 60!

Fabric Fancy 2


This caught my attention. Milla Berillo ‘s “Race against the time and simultaneously.” collection is built of the stages, as well as all the unstoppable life. Starting with white clothing and ending with multi-coloured fabrics, the collection showcased some interesting materials and silhouettes. 

Milla Berillo2
Milla Berillo

Ukrainian brand Nikonova, created by designer Natalia Nikonova is another brand that I was drawn to. The concept of the collection is showing the essence of Divine of a woman from the dawn of time. A very fairy-tale ambience was created, as if we were in a dreamy Ukrainian village where goddess lives.


Nature inspired brand Alezzy Liriq, designed by Alesya Knyazeva expresses freedom through the collection. Earthy colour palette and material delivers the beauty of earth and nature. One of the models even had a snake on her arms on the catwalk.  Some interesting silhouettes were seen.

Another one that is very Russian is the collection by the winner of the XI International contest of young designers Aleksandar Dado Jovanovic from Montenegro. The theme of the contest was «Russian Silhouette». Indeed I find this very Russian – the design, the image, the feeling of the white Russian beauty. Given this is made by young designers, the exquisite craftsmanship of the piece is quite impressive.
The final show of the week was CBET by Electic Magazine, who is in partnership of the St.Petersburg Fashion Week. It totally changes the tone and the atmosphere of the fashion week. Ending with a live performance by DJ Johnny Cash and his producer, and a play mocking social issues, everyone in the audience was ending on a high note.

CBET by Electic Magazine
CBET by Electic Magazine 2

There were many more talented designers showcasing during the fashion week, and they are all supported by the country. Indeed when you take a look at fashion industry as a whole, it is still very dominated by some of the big brands in the big fashion cities. St. Petersburg has a lot of potential before it grows into a fully blooming fashion industry, but they need more support more awareness outside Russia. These young creatives will continue to strive and eventually the international world will notice how bright they are.

Thank you so much for having me SPbFW, you’ve been wonderful.