Switzerland has been known for her beautiful scenery and world class hospitality. The quality of service is just impeccable. Having stayed at many top-notch hotels in Zurich, I have to add Hotel Schweizerhof onto my list.

The location is perfect for anyone who is visiting Zurich for the first time, or stopping over for meeting, or a quick few days to walk around city centre. It is right opposite the main train station, you cannot miss it, literally across the road. Unbeatable location,  the triple-glazed windows in the rooms keep it so quiet that you forgot you’re actually on the main roads in Zurich.


The use of contrasting colour in the rooms are very refreshing. Given this is a grand hotel that has been built since 1876, you don’t feel like you’re in such a historical building. The attention to details, the personal touch of the hotel makes your stay very pleasant. I stayed during Easter period, so I had a little easter bunny chocolate in the room. How cute!

Note that little red man on the hotel paper? It is a significant figure of the Hotel Schweizerhof, and there is a real Mr Schweizerhof at the front door. He can come to pick you up at the train station and help you with your suitcase, even it’s just across the road, it is a way to make guests feel even more welcoming.

The hotel has also prepared a tablet for you to do anything from setting the room temperature to booking a table at the hotel restaurant. And a compiled city guide for visitors are also available in the room.

This kind gentleman is the evening butler. I’ve been told he has many names given by hotel guests- Mr Grandpa, The Grandpa, The Trolley man etc. Whichever it is, he usually goes around the hotel with his trolley and refill anything from fruits to chocolates, cosmetic products to newspapers etc in the evening.
Lets face it, cost of living in Zurich is world-famously expensive. Hence the hotel includes breakfast for all guests during their stay- which is actually very important, we all know breakfast are not always included in many hotels. Starting the day right, is by having a good breakfast.




Not only they have a variety of breakfast options, dining in the gorgeous La Soupière restaurant is such a delight. I’m still amazed by how the staff can remember what I drank the morning before…


The “Café Gourmet” , an authentic French bistro-style also offers caviar. I particularly like this bistro, because it has the old school charm and elegance. It is very stylish in a retro way, the photo doesn’t even do the justice.



Another hidden gem at the hotel is the Schweizerhof Bar. The modern bar with a separate entrance serves as a business lunch place, a meeting venue, and a nice speak-easy drinking place for anyone. Unfortunately during my stay it was closed as it was public holiday…

2mins walk to the main train station, unbeatable location for real!


Now lets see how the hotel looked like back in the days…Grand isn’t it? The hotel owner was so clever at that time to pick this location and build a hotel. Because the train lines and station were only built afterwards!


Thank you for being such a wonderful host Hotel Schweizerhof!

Hotel Schweizerhof Zürich
Bahnhofplatz 7
8001 Zürich Switzerland
Tel : +41 442188888