There has been a growing scene of exclusive member’s clubs in London. Some are for creatives, some are for bankers, some are for a certain society. The latest one I’ve been to is 67 Pall Mall, and this is one of a kind member’s club. Born from a passion for fine wine, and a frustration at the unnecessary mark up prices bestowed on them by restaurants and bars, its mission is to make accessible fine wine to its members both physically and financially. The antithesis of a wine cellar where bottles are forever locked away to gather dust, it’s aim is to entice members to pull the cork and discover a new wine. Since London is such a melting pot for all wine lovers and people coming from such rich wine background, creating a home and connecting wine lovers makes complete sense.

I fell in love with this place upon learning all the concept and the heart of creating a community for like-minded people coming from a diverse background. Members will have access to an unrivalled wine list served by the glass thanks to leading edge Coravin technology, at a sensible price all expertly curated by the Master Sommelier, Ronan Sayburn. Previously Executive Head Sommelier for Gordon Ramsay Holdings, Head of Wine for the Dorchester Collection, Ronan and his team of wine professionals will be on hand to engage with and inspire members as they make their selection whatever their level of knowledge, as well as hold impromptu and informal tastings.




Set across three floors, the interior has been sensitively transformed by Simone McEwan, into a luxuriously, and welcoming space designed with the modern oenophile in mind. In The Lounge members can enjoy unique views of St James’s Palace through the grand ceiling to floor windows of the original Banking Hall, whilst perusing the informative wine list available on ipads, loaded with critic’s scores, winemakers’ notes, and tasting notes. The Club store over £5million worth of wine. Housed in Sir Edwin Lutyens’ inimitable former Banking Hall, the Club will provide Londoner’s a space to explore the finest and rarest wines from around the world.



“The concept of the perfect wine list means different things to different people – a small edited list can be just as good as an exhaustive tome. Our list will be multifaceted, both curated and comprehensive. We will have a section of Sommelier’s Recommendations; an ever evolving list of the team’s favourite wines.” – Master Sommelier, Ronan Sayburn

Now talk about walking into a 3D library (so as they call it) of wines from literally anywhere you can or cannot think of. It is a space for discovery and learning will hold thousands of bottles on display in a temperature and humidity controlled environment, designed to allow members to browse or be guided towards their next discovery. It is very impressive indeed. I’ve also been told that members can order a specific wine from anywhere in the world if they have tried it somewhere but cannot find it in London.

Now you may say, wine is such a personal taste and preference, how is it possible to cater to everyone in one place? That is precisely the concept behind the founding of this club. Since the owners have access to basically all winery and vineyards in the world, and the wine community is quite small, so people do get to know others quite easily if you are really into the circle. The diversity of personal taste is what makes this place more interesting because it offers a platform and opportunities for members to interact and network, and it slowly build an even larger library of available wine and expanding the community. Members can also bring in their wine or even decanters at home to sell, or store or simply give it to the club! How cool is that?



I had been taken to the club’s more unusual features – the Chatwood “Invincible” Strongroom, an original Hambros Bank safe refurbished to house the finest and rarest wines from the collection in what will be the most secure fine wine storage in central London. Imagine storing your wine at the bank vault…Members will have the opportunity to store an allocation of their personal collection within the cellars for consumption to share and enjoy within the club.




Of course, the club does not only serve wine, orals there is a high chance that everybody gets drunk by the end of the night!  The restaurant will serve breakfast, lunch, dinner and sharing plates daily under the expert leadership of Head Chef Marcus Verberne. The thoughtfully chosen menus designed by Verberne who counts legendary kitchens including Hix, Le Caprice, J Sheekey, The Ivy restaurants, The Brown’s Hotel, and Roast amongst his previous experience will incorporate the freshest, seasonal ingredients designed to complement and enhance the wine list, and experience for members and their guests.

“The club was designed with the wine lover at the fore, food has always been an equal partner. After all, great food is essential to enhancing the experience of drinking fine wine. Ronan and I will be working closely together to create dishes that are harmonious with the wine selection. The menu will be in a constant state of evolution designed around the freshest carefully sourced produce our valued suppliers have to offer. One of the jewels in the kitchen’s crown will be the ‘Josper’ grill. One of my main focuses will be on the quality of the beef, rotating different cuts and encouraging the members to share larger joints.”  – Head Chef, Marcus Verberne


For the food and wine lovers in London, this is a place you cannot miss. Since opening in December 2015, I had been told the membership is already FULL! However, there can always be a waiting list, and I am about to join the list. I just cannot think of any other better place for me to learn through osmosis about the art of wine culture.

67 Pall Mall



Phone Number: 020 3000 6767

Email Address: info@67pallmall.co.uk

Website: 67pallmall.co.uk