January is usually the time to set resolutions or begin something new. It is a time post-festive where you try to get your diet and lifestyle back on track. Just earlier I had the honour to attend a detox breakfast at the terrace of Pont St Restaurant at Belgraves Hotel.

Shortlisted for Best Neighbourhood restaurant in The Belgravia Residents Journal, Pont St’s executive chef Sophie Michell, known for her healthy take on classic dishes, will pair up with the veteran of organic cold press juices, Kara Rosen founder of Plenish Juice to create the ultimate detox brunch menu. Sophie and Kara have worked closely together to create six exclusive new dishes to be served alongside Plenish Juices for the whole month of January. The duo have also created recipe cards for their detox brunch menu, giving guests the tools they need to bring delicious detoxing home.

As I am always running around the city, a healthy breakfast is a great start for my day. This detox breakfast draws my attention immediately because it is not just about juice cleansing, but pairing with delicious and easily prepared healthy food.



How cute are these California Eggs Benedict, chicken patty, spinach, avocado and jalapeño hollandaise, to be paired with Plenish Kick Juice (pineapple, chilli, lime and coconut nectar)

This is my favourite : ‘Green Eggs’ scrambled eggs with broccoli, courgette, spinach and fried onions, topped with pesto Plenish Lift Juice (pear, cucumber, basil, romaine, kale)

Other dishes in the menu includes

-Sour cherry, pistachio, macadamia nut and coconut oil roasted wheat free granola
Plenish Pump Juice (beetroot, cherry and lime)

-Chia Pots made with the new Plenish almond milk, maca powder, raspberries and soaked almonds which are equally delicious and healthy.

It started my day perfectly great, and it has also inspired me to get back on a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy Juices
Pont St Booth

Healthy does not necessarily means green, but incorporating enough green into dishes and make it healthier is not as hard as it sounds. Starting the day right will keep you going, and with enough energy and nutrition throughout the day will definitely improve everything!

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