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There are many kinds of dinner that you look forward to, or dread attending. Especially when you are unfamiliar with other attendants, it can be a little uncomfortable. But as always, JPR Media Group throws the best events and dinners in town, and when I got the invitation to attend one of their Woman’s Crush Wednesday Club dinner party, I was very much looking forward to have the honour as a guest.

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The Woman’s Crush Wednesday Club is a dinner party hosted in partnership with a luxury brand where they choose one powerful woman on the night to celebrate. The concept “Woman’s Crush Wednesday” is taken from social media where typically a hot babe in a bikini is tagged on Instagram or Twitter as someone’s #WCW.  In a society where patriarchal ideology is still heavily installed in many mindsets, women needs to empower and support each other. As a result of JPR Media Group’s initiative, Woman’s Crush Wednesday now means something very different: a theme to empower women and celebrate the success of those inspiring women in business, fashion, entertainment and media who have made a difference through hard work and perseverance.

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In December 2015, JPR have partnered with the newest art gallery on the block The Dot Project in Chelsea. The Dot Project, founded by India Whalley, supports emerging contemporary artists; showcasing fresh talent from all over the world.  With the support and help of  Spook Cooking, Cointreau, Appleyard Florists, and Santa Carolina wine, these gorgeous dinners are now being held amongst art in a 10-part Woman’s Crush Wednesday Club dinner series “Fashion meets Art”.

On the night of the dinner party I attended, I met so many talented and beautiful women from different industries. There are über-smart beautiful ladies from Cambridge but also working for UN, leading representatives from power fashion houses such as Tod’s, Stella McCartney, talented socialites and founders of influential agencies, art galleries and catering industries. It was such an honour to be among a group of beauty and the brains, and what’s best, is that it wasn’t at all intimidating. A strong woman recognises another strong woman’s talent, and that is where great minds meet and becoming more powerful. Ladies, empowering women starts from you.

To email the founder of JPR Media Group directly, Jessica Patterson, you are welcome to contact jessica@jprmediagroup.com.