There are so many fashion weeks and trade shows around the world now, and every city has its own character. Just recently, I had the pleasure of being invited again by TexBrasil to go to Brazil again. Well, you really can’t say no to Brazil and find out why it is one of the four golden bricks. This time instead of Sao Paolo, I went to the Minas Trend at Belo Horizonte, the third largest city in Brazil.

In the state of Minas Gerais (the city of food!!!), not only the capital city has a rich cultural history to offer, it is also one of the biggest trading, production, vocation and contribution to the brazilian and international fashion industry.  Belo Horizonte literally means beautiful horizon, and the size of Minas Gerais on its own, is already the size of France.





Minas Trend is one of the biggest trade show events in Brazil, with rows and rows of brazilian fashion, jewellery and accessories designers participating, and few fashion shows in a row every day, it is quite overwhelming. Some brands that participated include Aua,  Vivaz, Lucas Magalhaes, Faven, Llas, Plural, Patricia Motta, T. Arrigoni etc. Now you might not have heard of some of them, but they are some very local Brazilian brands that do really well in south america, in export and they often product with highest possible quality.


It is always interesting to see how designs are different in every country, especially in a place where the booming fashion industry is still kept very unknown to the outside world. When you visit the shops and factories, and meet the designers, you will notice that Brazilian designs are made with heart and quality, they are also richly rooted with passion and culture.

It is not difficult to understand why, Brazil is such a huge country, and with its natural resources and rich culture, the nation draws inspiration from everywhere and can easily source the materials within the continent. As part of the visit, I had the opportunity to also visit one of the world’s most interesting outdoor museum- Inhotim. A combination of nature and art about 1.5 hours drive from Belo Horizonte, this private estate turned cultural space is not to be missed. The beautiful nature, the interesting art installations from all over the world, the area on it own is just worth the effort and time to visit.



Brazil is such an amazing country and has so much to offer. Fashion may not be as highly sort after as the big cities like Paris or Milan, but it doesn’t mean the scene and industry there is not happening. I will definitely keep an eye on the Brazilian fashion scene because the potential there is quite something.