In 1863, a French wine merchant called Daniel Nicholas Thévenon and his wife Celestine arrived in England in a bid to escape the clutches of creditors in Paris. So began a story that grew out of bankruptcy and culminated in the creation of Café Royal, a London legend. Today,  Hotel Café Royal, reopened after closing for 4 years for renovation since 2008, is one of the most luxurious hotels in the heart of London, yet the spa and wellness centre underneath the hotel is genuinely a hidden gem. I always love this place, it is the most modern but historic place at the same time.


Cafe Royal Hotel - Akasha - Treatment Lobby
Akasha Spa & Gym, at the basement of Café Royal Hotel, is like another world. Every time I go there I almost forgot I am on Regent Street and Piccadilly Circus- one of the busiest spot in London. The name Akasha is a Sanskrit word that encapsulates the core vision to harmoniously unite the four basic elements of nature; earth, water, fire and air, and this combination enables a transformation and balancing experience where the body, mind and soul are aligned. Akasha offers a unique wellbeing experience that assists in promoting health, happiness and fulfilment, while improving personal balance.

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Can you imagine swimming below Regent Street?

Other than the facilities, the gym, classes and treatments offered to hotel guests and day guests, the spa has also a team of specialists that offer something more unique. I didn’t go for a swim today, instead I went for a treatment that I was very much intrigued by.

As a firm believer in natural remedies and energy flow, I was drawn to the holistic treatment offered by the newly joined Sinéad de hóra. An Intuitive Counsellor , Sinéad performs her treatments based on her power of intuition,  gaining a clear understanding of her client’s concerns along with creating a deep emotional connection with them, which she uses to tailor-make a specific treatment. While no two treatments are ever the same, they all follow a natural structure that flows from one focus to the next.

I was really intrigued by it. I love a good massage but I am also open to new ideas and concepts. This sounds just like the most interesting thing I have encountered lately. So I met Sinéad, she is very gentle and sweet and asked me do I know what can I expect from the session, I asked her instead what can I expect. She then said to me she also doesn’t know because it really depends on what she can pick up and what my body is telling her. I know you may feel its very vague, but if you don’t believe in energy and energy healing, then there really isn’t a concrete way I can explain any better…

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Anyway, Sinéad started by reading my energy, channelling her energy into mine so that she can feel exactly what I was feeling on both an emotional and physical level.  She was spot on about what was happening to me and picked up the specific spot on my back that has been so uneasy and causing me back pain. She also told me some specific traits of myself that she couldn’t possibly figure out in less than 5 mins of meeting me. I did not tell her a single thing other than my name, and all I did was just lying there and breathe.

She then told me that she will be mixing targeted massage techniques, energy healing and a combination of alternative therapies that helps me to instantly relax, realign with the inner self and identify with the positivity that she encourages with her eyes closed. Based on what my body needs, she used some massage techniques to ease my back pain. She is by far the only person who goes straight to the exact painful spot on my back without having me telling her what is going on. She used energy to realign mine, to stimulate the shift in my body, and to heal whatever was needed. In the end of the treatment, she told me everything she felt from my body and mind, and gave me some advices. Again I did not tell her anything and she was spot on. I felt so relaxed and recharged after her session, it was amazing. But I know it is very hard to explain if you have not tried. I do need to say that if you are looking for a one-hour intense full body massage, then this is not what you’re looking for, because Sinéad only applies massage to wherever your body needs at that moment, you might not need it the next time you see her.

If you are wondering where does Sinéad draws the knowledge or what is her treatment based on, it is from 10 years of studying Ayurveda Philosophy, Chinese Philosophy, Reiki, Reflexology, various therapeutic massage techniques and more. This treatment is a combination of balancing the emotional and physical needs, and sometimes one may only need to calm the innerself instead of the releasing of physical tension.

Other than Sinéad, Akasha has a team of specialists on these kind of holistic treatments that includes Reiki, Emotion, Cognitive and Behaviour coaching, Thai Yoga and Craniosacral too. The best way ? Go and have a session and experience it yourself- you will be amazed.


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