There are many ways of celebration, many things that worth celebrating. Just earlier, one of the most exclusive clubs in London Raffles Chelsea has the biggest reason to celebrate. Stepping into the 50th year (yes, 50 years for a club that stands still and firm in London- a city where clubs open and close almost on a weekly basis) is definitely a big deal.

Crowd in Confetti
Taking up the entire Berkeley Square, Ibiza was transported to London in style with a blockbuster night of performances by Ibiza DJ Guy Gerber and Housekeeping inside the massive tent made only for this one night bash. A 1,000+ people filled with famous celebrities, high society, models and musicians joined the gorgeous, wealthy and who’s who of the London scene were all having a great time in one of the most central open square in London celebrating in class and style.


Dancer in a Champagne Glass
Raffles Bar
As always, Raffles know how to throw a good party, even set within a tent, so much was going on…Ice cold Moet et Chandon overflowed champagne glasses, a certain A-list actor (part of Fran Cutler’s entourage) was getting down on the dance floor whilst the London It-Crowd invited by JPR Media Group was choosing their bespoke Vertu phones, limited edition Bugatti bags and trying their luck at Crockfords roulette tables.


It was a night for everyone who had a chance to relive the summer in Ibiza in the chilly London. A night where London’s party scene push it to the next level – and they did it in class! It was exactly what everyone wanted and needed -a great celebration.

Dj Booth POV
Jocobi Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe - Housekeeping

As for who was there? Only the lucky tastemakers throughout the night and VIP’s in attendance could tell, as Raffles has a strict no-name policy regarding celebrities. But one thing I can tell you, is that Raffles is the only club in London where HRH the Queen herself has been to. Cool eh?