Londoners love a drink or two, and it’s never just a drink or two. There are many places for drinks, but Milroys of Soho is one of a kind. It is London’s oldest Whisky Shop, founded by John ‘Jack’ Milroy in 1964. His brother Wallace, a gold miner in South Africa, provided the funds and John took advantage of the removal of price controls to sell wine and spirits at much better value than his competitors, making him the go to man for affordable high-quality booze. There they opened the store on 3 Greek Street, Soho, where the store still stands today.  So my friend and I decided to go for a try.


It was very interesting as the staff was telling us about all history and knowledge of whisky. Initially selling predominantly wine, Scottish single malts entered the UK market in the 60s and 70s, the Milroys brothers were delivering to the biggest names in London, the prime minister himself was a regular customer. Such was their name, the brothers were invited to tour Japan. Running whisky tastings for business men and women over the course of their trip, now anyone who works in the whisky industry, or generally a whisky lover, would know that Milroy’s is selling perhaps the world’s largest selection of whisky.



Not a whisky drinker myself, because I feel it is too strong for me. I was learning so much about whisky, and how to taste and drink it in just one night. Everyone who works there is so knowledgable, they can basically tell you everything in as much details as possible in few seconds. So we tried the Nikka and Wemyss Malt Whisky. Mine (Wemyss) has a flavour of gooseberry and mocha, which I thought would be milder. It wasn’t mild enough for me until after a few spoons of water and eventually adding ice to dilute. The original taste is very strong for me, but the body is indeed full of substances. Adding water and ice does not open up as much flavours and layers of the whisky, but ” Drinking shouldn’t be hard”, so in the end it is a very personal preference on how you want to drink your whisky.  There’s only that much I can tell you about whisky because i’m still learning too. But, at Milroy’s there are tasting events and classes where you can book online- even a private class with one of the guys who work there. They are so knowledgable that if you’re interested in learning about spirits and wines and whisky, it’s a much more interesting way to learn it with them!


Not only Milroys has a whisky bar (which is quite new), and selling a super wide selection of whiskies from everywhere of the world, they also have a cocktail bar in the basement called The Vault. The entrance is behind this bookshelf, which I loved so much!


The same founder of Coal Vaults (one of my favourite cocktail bars in London), they do really amazing cocktails downstairs. There are whisky blends cocktails, and they were SO GOOD. No one would have thought that whisky should be used for cocktails, and it might taste strange, but we ordered a normal cocktail and a whisky cocktail, and both of them are really tasty, even the alcohol content is quite strong.



I should have found out this place much earlier, now I know one more place to go!
Milroy’s of Soho,
3 Greek Street,
+44 (0)207 734 2277