Just when I am looking forward to my holiday on the beaches, I had a little preview today at House of Elemis. Lying on the gently heated Amber and Quartz Crystal Bed in the treatment room, I was told by my therapist that this is inspired by the sand quality on beaches with healing power. The story started when the pioneer who developed this bed, realised every time when he took his mother to the beaches, her back pain magically disappears, so he thought why not bring the beach back home. There you go with the amber and quartz bed for my 1.15 hour long Hot Mineral Body Boost treatment

I was suffering from lower back pain, almost all the times, it gets particularly worse after long haul flights. I’ve heard so much about the amber and quartz bed treatment when I visited the shop last time, and I cannot wait to try it out myself.

So when I was lying on the bed, my therapist gently mould the quartz to support my body, making me feel like I’m lying on the beach. Spreading the ocean mist spray, and pouring the warm body oil over my body, I felt like I was in paradise. Because the heated amber and quartz have healing power, combining with the multi-colour light therapy installed in the treatment room and Elemis’s signature aromatherapy, my entire body and charka was in tune and balanced. Warm crystals mould and shape around my body helping to release muscle tension, detoxify and promotes a deeper state of relaxation. This is what they call a minerally-charged experience of skin conditioning, metabolic balancing and energising wellness.

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Starting from the feet up, ending with a head massage, in 1.15 hour not only I had released some of my tensions and lower back pain, I also dreamt about my beach holiday. It felt just the same in the treatment room. My therapist checked thoroughly my lifestyle and stress level, and from time to time if her pressure is alright. I have to say, 1.15 hour for me is really not enough, but that is mainly because of my condition. On this bed, the healing power is all rounded, my therapist didn’t perform a deep tissue massage because it is not meant to be, and need not to be; yet when the treatment was done, I felt so much lighter and energised. That’s the magic of my therapist and the amber and quartz bed. Not I totally understand why this is one of the best and special treatment at House of Elemis.

Thank you so much for fixing me and getting me ready for my holiday!