It takes a lot of confidence and effort to start a business, and it takes another whole lot of hard work and persistence to make it sustainable and successful. To survive in the fashion industry, if you are not fierce enough, soon you’re out of the picture. Athlete turned entrepreneur Jessica Patterson, founder of the new luxury JPR Media Group has proven it all. A woman in business, fierce, hard working, smart and appreciating people who work with her and for her, wrote her own formula to success.

Chelsea Football Club Boss Jose Mourinho and Jessica Patterson

When you find out the stunning Jessica actually completed university level statistics and conceptual physics before she even entered USC on both academic and athletic scholarship at the age of 16, you will understand why she is one of the leading woman in the luxury industry who owns 100% of her PR company, and in a year’s time turning her company and business from scratch to extremely profitable all by herself. Not only her company is growing stronger by day, her clients include BonBonniere, Raffles, Nozomi, BOMBERG and Open Aero Private Jets, and consult for Hublot on events just to name a few.

13 years of experience in the luxury industry which includes PR, fashion, publishing, hospitality, nightlife and VIP events with the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio, Justin Timberlake, Nicole Scherzinger, Ed Sheeran, Will.I.Am, Jesse J, Robin Thicke, Cameron Diaz, Lil John, Elle MacPherson, The Pussycat Dolls, Harvey Weinstein, Natalia Vodianova etc….Again Jessica tells you that not only you have to be smart and hard working, experiences and connection also seals her status of a leading woman in the industry.


JPR 1st Birthday at Steam and Rye 05-08-15_10

Despite JPR Media Group is only a 1 year-old baby in the luxury industry, all the effort and hard work deserves a huge celebration. Earlier on a 1st Anniversary celebration was held, it coincided with the launch of Steam & Rye’s brand new Wednesday event – ‘Dolls Night’, the City’s only true Ladies Night. The abundance of female beauties that stepped foot into the former ‘Bank of New York’ were treated to ½ Price Food & Drink once they joined as a member of the ‘Dolls Club’ (which is available for all female guests every Wednesday).

Anyone who has attended JPR Media’s parties would have known how much fun they would be, on such celebratory occasion, more than 200 people turned up. Ianthe Rose Cochrane-Stark was in attendance with DJ Bluey and a whole host of models, fashion industry members and business owners. After the guests took a spin on the mechanical bull, they were treated to a slice of the gigantic, instagram image cake which depicted JPR’s memories from the past year.



Lingerie model, Made in Chelsea star and Calum Best’s ex Ianthe Rose Cochrane-Stack and Akon’s rising star DJ Bluey were amongst the cool crowd spotted.

JPR 1st Birthday at Steam and Rye 05-08-15_9

Jessica is fearless, but she also has the personal touch that makes her one of the most down-to-earth successful business women in the industry. She and her equally fun and hard working team of powerful women will be sure to take over the industry by  storm.