There are far too many skincare brands in the market, and how does one stands out ? The House of Elemis has it sorted.
Earlier on I spent a day with the House of Elemis, understanding what is the core essence of the brand.  It is where skincare meets spa meets science. A combination of personal touch and technology. 

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The London store, where they have a penthouse spa and a speed spa in one same little building, is beautifully tucked behind an alley right in the heart of Central London off New Bond Street. Neat and Cozy, you find the library of products laid out without being too intimidating.

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The Speed Spa at the basement of the store is what Co-Founder and Creator of ELEMIS therapies- Noella Gabriel says its “defined by time, and it is not a mini or express treatment place. It is a place where you get maximum results in limited time.” Anyone at any age, time frame and budget can get whatever they need there.

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Noella also explained the formula and the rationale behind each and every of the best selling products. Some of which includes the Pro-Collagen Marine Cream (that took 10 years to develop), and the cleansing balm. Packed with highly active and natural ingredients, both products are still one of the best selling products of this luxury skincare brand. The Pro-collagen cleansing balm also serves as make-up remover, yet nourish, moisturise and softens the skin. It has quickly become one of my favourites.



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On the penthouse of the store there is the most luxurious spa treatment room. This bed is filled with quartz crystal and amber, and it moulds to your body to the right places. It is one of the most relaxing body treatments the house offer on top of a list of special pampering facial and body treatments.




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In the afternoon, Noella and her team gave us an expert beauty talk over afternoon tea at the exclusive beautiful members’ club Home House. In the beautiful setting, Noella explained patiently the collection and the rationale. We also had a little relaxing meditation/breathing session where the Elemis team could not stress enough how important it is for anyone (women in particular) to take time out everyday to just breathe- and this is one of the beauty tricks everyone must learn! Each and every one of the team is highly knowledgeable, highly trained and well educated therapist that knows each product and the brand inside out.


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To celebrate the 25th year of Elemis, the brand has released a set of British Botanical Shower Cream and Body Cream, they are equally nourishing and packed with highly efficient natural ingredients such as lavender, chamomile and organic oats etc. We also had a workshop on how to create a hand-tied flower bouquet using fresh flowers that resonates to the special products at Jane Packer Flowers School.


After spending a whole day with The House of Elemis team, not only I understood what is behind the brand and the products; I also understand the persistence and precision they took to create the most perfect, harmless and efficient skincare and treatments to cater to everyone. There is no ‘one size fits all’ formula, but everyone can take what they need from the product ranges, where there is something for everyone no matter the age ,budget and needs. This is what makes the brand stands out- they tune in to listen to your body and skin, they look after you and your well-being, they listen, and they only tailor-made the most suitable treatments and products that suits you and your needs.

It is indeed true that your beauty is a reflection of what you choose- it is not only what you eat, but how you look after yourself and your whole lifestyle. This is precisely what the House of Elemis is tuning into their customers- to show them what a difference it makes if you just make one single change at a time. Starting from taking a deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep breathe now.