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Bullion traditionally means Gold Bars. When you were young, have you ever watched cartoons, seeing bars and bars of gold, and thinking how do they feel? In a very grown up world, you can actually own a piece of it as accessory.  Jean-Thierry Besins, founder and designer of the luxurious and chic fine jewellery brand Bulliony is here to tell you the story.

When he was young, his grandparents were very close friends with Prince Rainier and Princess Grace of Monaco. 2 pieces of gold bars were given to JT’s grandparents Jean and Edith Besins as a wedding gift from the royal couple, and that was how the story began. When JT was 20, his grandmother gave him this gold bar, and by the weight of itself (a piece of real solid gold bar), JT felt something very special and cool. So he decided to create something that reminds him of this feeling of the texture and the weight of a solid gold bar. The creation of the brand was all organic, JT started wearing the gold bar necklace his grandmother gave him, and it drew lots of attention and interests among his friends, such as Mario Testino and Carine Roitfeld. Then JT decided to create something that is chic, cool and personalised.




I first met the very cool JT in Brazil, when he was preparing for his launch event in São Paulo (which was again another successful one). But at that time we didn’t get a chance to chat about his designs. So when we were both in London, I finally managed to sit down with the jet-setting  Monaco-based designer to talk about his fascinating family history, his brand legacy and his future plans. JT himself, a very sharp-minded, charming and talented gentleman, coming from a prestigious family background and highly connected within the high-society, is ever so modest on seeking advices and taking them into consideration about his own business expansion plans. Very chilled and down-to-earth, JT was happy to share with me about his wish to expanding into clothings, and designing more exciting things that could include cardholders, sunglasses etc with little gold bars in it in the near future.  There will be a website where his internationally based customers can customise their own designs there, and eventually hoping to open stores. So watch out for this space!



JT does not do mass advertising, in fact, he doesn’t even do advertisings. All his clients are people who are in the know, or contacting him on Instagram. However, he did a lookbook with model and friend Alice Dellal (younger sister of shoe-designer Charlotte- Olympia) which is so sophisticated and gorgeous, brewing every inch of the regality and real luxury of the Bulliony designs. The gold bars JT and Alice were wearing are his signature designs. Playing with the gold bars, JT always finds his ways in incorporating it into his new designs. The mini gold bar pendants are really cute and sophisticated, wait till you feel the bar itself. Every piece is different among his 20 something designs, sometimes it is quite hard to choose which one is coolest because they all are!



He wanted his collection to be recognised for its quality (we are talking about real 18ct solid gold), and he wants his pieces to be as personal and meaningful as possible, just like the first gold bar that symbolises the friendship between his grandparents and the royal couple. Refusing to make the cases hollow, JT creates and produces his pieces depending on the size of his customers’ preferences, and then see how much it weight, he can also do customisation on the pieces to make it even more unique. Depending on his inspiration, his collections are not following a regular time frame, which makes it even more special. Creating from gold grains that he bought, most of his jewellery are handmade, some of the pieces were made with a string and hammer instead of gold casts. Depending on the shape and weight, production time can range from 3-10 days, but to play safe, JT always say it’s a month.



Other than gold bars, JT also designs with white, black and rose gold. Not limiting to just bracelets, pendants, Bulliony also have cufflinks and rings in other solid golds. His other signature designs such as the ” Alton” – gold thread with 2 mini Bullions at the end; the “Kanga”- named after a Malian King, an ostrich bracelet with an interchangeable 18carats gold bar; the 60g, 18 carats gold ” pills” bracelet etc… these are all frequently seen wearing by his close friends, designers and celebrities such as Poppy Deleveingne, Gigi Hadid, Riccardo Tisci, Anna Della Russo etc…
His latest designs includes the “Elvis” bracelet 70g white gold with black diamonds.

Price wise? It depends on which gold and how much it weight- best is to ask JT, and don’t be surprised because it is real gold!