Its almost summer time and we all need some comfortable flats. I’m a huge fan of flats and recently has noticed this Portuguese brand Josefinas. They are a little too girly for me but they do look really cute.


Josefinas Pop Square Collection went back to the 60s and rewrote the footsteps of this decade, in the most jovial and feminine way, using the famous Gingham pattern. Giving a new fresh color to what was a very simple idea that has lasteduntil today: the Abbey Road crosswalk. The Beatles are synonymous of 4 recognized artists, immortalized by theiramazing legacy, but what about the women in their lives?  Who would be the women on the cover of the Beatles’ last album, Abbey Road?

We recreated the Beatles’ feminine side because we know that right by any great man’s side is always a great woman. In this case, we chose Yoko, Mo, Patti and Linda and baptized the 4 Josefinas that make up the Pop Square collection with their names
said Filipa Júlio, creator and founder of Josefinas.

Screen Shot 2015-05-10 at 19.30.20

Before starting the brand Josefinas, Filipa was an architect with a dream: to create casual, elegant footwear that would honor her past as a ballerina and the future of modern Portuguese women. She quickly reached the concept of ballet flats. However, these couldn’t be just any ballet flats, they would have to have personality, to represent the excellence that comes through the hands of her country’s shoe craftsmen and, above all, to give a woman the elegance and confidence that a great pair of shoes can bring to your life. Named after Filipa’s grandmother Josefina who accompanied her walking along all the streets on Oporto, where the luxury ballerinas brand was born.

 Other than the pop square collection, Josefinas also has some other beautifully made ballerinas. For those who really love living in ballerinas, it might take a while before you can make up your mind!

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Screen Shot 2015-05-10 at 19.36.53