Swedish has been known for their mentality on being very environmental friendly in their everyday life. While sustainability has become a bigger and bigger topic for discussion and it is indeed the trend in fashion, this is a brand that you must know, and you will love.


Swedish organic denim brand Nudie Jeans has just opened another Repair Shops in the heart of East London’s Shoreditch. The location is Nudie Jeans’ 19th worldwide, and secondary in London, joining the Soho store which opened its doors in Spring 2013 since being founded in Gothenburg 2001. The unisex jeans brand is carefully designed to fit both men and women with all kinds of size and fit and colour and wash- there is something for everyone. I wondered how unisex jeans can fit both men and women, but until I tried on a few myself, the mystery was solved. Basically they just fit perfectly because the helpful staff will pick the best sizing for you once you’ve decided on your fit, and then you have a whole range of colour and wash. As long as the size and the fit is right for you, it doesn’t really matter whether the jeans are for men or for women.

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The heartbeat of the shop and a key representation of the brand’s core values: repair , reuse and recycle. Sustainability is a key concept of the brand- every single thing you see in both shops are recycled and reused, reproducing into all kinds of interior and furniture, some of which are even for sale- like the rug below.


Nudie Jeans’ Eco-Cycle means caring for the entire cycle from wear and repair, to reuse and recycling, is at the core of the brand, and was a driver for implementing the complimentary repair service in stores. In addition to offering free repairs as standard, the ongoing ‘Repair Reuse Reduce’ program allows well-loved, worn Nudie Jeans to be exchanged for a 20% discount off their next pair. Donated pairs are either brought back to life by one of the experienced Repair Specialists, or collected for recycling for special projects, past examples of which include limited edition recycled rag rugs and camper seats.

Nudie’s Repair Shops are somewhat akin to service stations for cars ­ depots dotted internationally for customers to take their well-loved Nudie denim in for essential repairs. The repairs service is an active physical promotion for consuming less and sustainable living, and speaks to the Nudie Jeans audience in an effective and refreshing voice. The repair shops are a place to visit on their own, the unique design and the friendly staff is something very refreshing among most of the retail shops in London.

Fashion has produced so many waste throughout the production line, and a genuine eco-friendly brand is really rare. Denim are both mass products and classic items. It is really a unique concept when the entire cycle can be sustainable. We all have to learn from the Swedes- they really have one of the best user- and eco-friendly designs in the world.