So I only had 1.5 days in Rio de Janeiro, but I fell in love with this place already.

If Sao Paulo is reminiscent to Manhattan, Rio de Janeiro is to Miami/ Los Angeles. There is something about Rio that is very relaxed and chilled.

Again it is not the safest place on earth, so we were not encouraged to take our phones and walk alone on the streets. But since we were staying at Hotel Fasano, literally one road from the famous Ipanema Beach (which is next to Copacabana beach), we had the best security and view of the beach.

I’ll let you decide for yourself.
A part of the Ipanema Beach.

This is the view from my room balcony- the entire Ipanema Beach.


The beach by night. Furthest of the photo where there’s a large star-shape group of lights, those are the favelas- now they call it the community. I was really tempted to go take a look but of course it’s probably the most dangerous idea.

My room with the balcony- I fell in love the moment I stepped into the room.


Rooftop pool with the best view of the whole 180degrees Ipanema beach.


It was pure joy having a drink by the rooftop poolside at night, soaking in the beautiful view and the quietness in the night breeze.




and of course, how can I miss this

IMG_3310 IMG_3261

We had dinner at this bar- It’s called Garota de Ipanema. (The Girl from Ipanema), and this is where the song was written.


Proper Brazilian Barbeque- Brazilians love meat, and they have a specific type of beef that is only available in Brazil.


Speaking of Brazilian food, it is quite a wide variety of lots of cuisine. Due to the history of the country, there are large communities of German, Dutch, Italians, Portuguese and Japanese. In fact, Brazil has the largest Japanese community outside Japan, so it is very easy to find Japanese food in Brazil- however they are considered quite expensive comparing to average cost of meals there.