I’ve been wanting to go to South America for such a long time. Finally I got the chance to visit Brazil thanks to the Sao Paulo Fashion Week.


Spending one whole week in Sao Paulo and 1.5 days in Rio de Janeiro, I had a blast. Throughout the whole time, we were so lucky to have stayed at the Hotel Fasano in both cities, and they are AMAZING. don’t believe me? Wait till you see the photos later and in the next post.

Sao Paulo is a very interesting city. It has its developing areas, it also has its luxurious posh areas. I have to say though, we were travelling by car from point to point, so it wasnt too hard to get around. However, Sao Paulo isn’t the world’s safest city, so wandering around alone as I always do, was not encouraged or allowed.

The streets are filled with beautiful graffiti, but since we were mainly in the car I could only take a few photos.  IMG_3100


During my visit, Ralph Lauren had just opened its first ever store in Brazil. In a shopping mall called Cidade Jardim, it is like a green city- think IFC in terms of scale and brands. The shopping mall has lots of open space allowing natural air and light. During my visit it was the beginning of fall/winter in Brazil, so the weather was around 19-29C, which was PERFECT for me.  IMG_3111

There were also some really cool restaurants with really nice designs and decoration.


Proper Brazilian Coffee!

My room at Hotel Fasano Sao Paulo- it reminds me a bit of the NYC industrial style. Very stylish.


and this? this is the swimming pool at the hotel on 22/F.