Apart from the designers showcased during the fashion week, there are still a few more talented designers that the world needs to see.

Some of my favourites are :



Founded by Karen and Katiúscia Moreas, the beautiful Japanese Brazilian set up the brand in 2009. With the Japanese aesthetic, the streetwear ready-to-wear brand is carefully crafted- a mixture of fabrics and materials such as velvet, silk, chiffon; and a lot of hand embroidered sequins and embellishment, the pieces are very eye-catchingly bright and shiny- yet stylishly chic and wearable.





Love the interior of the store



I was wearing a top by Joulik saying Vida Loka. In Portuguese it means Crazy Life- pretty much sums up mine! And this is what I meant by very blingy but still highly wearable.



Patricia Motta

I love leather. I basically live in leather the entire fall/winter. Patricia Motta is one of the prominent designers in Brazil who specialize in leather. The design, the colour and the quality of the leather is really good. It is not something that you can find easily elsewhere. Everything is made in Brazil, some of the leather jackets has hand drawn patterns inner linings, so when you roll up the sleeves, you get a little interesting pattern shown too.







Accessories Brand T.Arrigoni exudes an elegance in her designs. The use of materials and colour in her designs are a bit retro mixed with sophistication. Lots of details and styles, you can easily dress up or dress down with these accessories.


So that’s basically my first taste of proper Brazilian fashion, and I was really impressed. And these are just a tiny fraction of the talented Brazilian designers. There are so much more potential for both worlds to get to know each other. I do hope one day I can see more Brazilian brands stocking in Europe and Asia, and vice versa.