Well yes I’m in Switzerland again. Over the weekend I was in Basel (post baselworld). I heard so much about this little city while I was working, and never actually been. So I decided to go take a look myself. Basel is the city of art and culture, it is also a little hipster. As I stroll along the street, my friend was telling me little stories about the city. It’s a mixture of laid-back with rich historical heritage. Basel is actually a very cool place where quite a lot of hipster parties are held. My friends in the industry were surprised when I said I had the most fun party in Basel…!


Other than that, the city is a pleasant place to walk around. The colours, the historical houses, the architecture and little alleys. very much like some other Swiss cities, just peaceful and calm. IMG_2713

During my stay I heard about the Paul Gauguin exhibition at Fondation Beyeler .

I’m not very knowledgeable in art, but since I’m there, why not? So I went to take a look.
Also I was very curious to take a look at the Paul Gauguin painting that is still exhibiting, but sold to Qatar at US$300m (the highest price sold ever).

The museum is quite big, I only had 2 hours to spend, so I just walked through the exhibition and the rooms next to it.
I was quite happy to see Monet’s Lily Pond painting, and some of Van Gogh’s and Alberto Giacometti’s sculpture.

here is a picture of the “when will you marry” painting


Paul Gauguin
Nafea faaipoipo, 1892
Quand te maries-tu?
When Will You Marry?
Oil on canvas, 105 x 77.5 cm
Rudolf Staechelin Collection
Photograph by Kunstmuseum Basel, Martin P. Bühler


Paul Gaugin Exhibition (8 February to 28 June 2015)

Fondation Beyeler,
Beyeler Museum AG, Baselstrasse 77, CH
4125 Riehen, Switzerland
Fondation Beyeler opening hours:
10 am- 6 pm daily, Wednesdays until 8 pm