LTR Mittlere Brücke Nacht Ch

Basel, Switzerland is one of the most important cities in the luxury industry. Baselworld is the event where all luxurious watch and jewellery showcases and the industry people from all over the world meet. I was in Basel for the last weekend, and my friend highly recommended me to stay at the Grand Hotel Les Trois Rois that sits on the Rhine Riverside.   Dating back to 1681, Les Trois Rois is one of Europe’s oldest city hotels and exudes the charm and elegance of a historic grand hotel. Les Trois Rois means the 3 kings in French.



The moment I stepped into the hotel I was in awe. The architecture, the interior, the chandelier, the ambiance of the hotel…really is in a King’s place! I’ve been told that all the marble-looking pillars are actually wood, and they are all hand-painted, alongside the entire wall of the hotel, HAND PAINTED BY ONE PERSON. I thought I heard it wrong, but no, it was ALL HAND PAINTED BY ONE PERSON. I had no idea how long did it take to finish such a huge project…


The interesting thing about the stairs is it really is inclined to the right. However some stabilization work has been done, and the inclination of the staircase is actually protected. Meaning it’s not allowed to be straightened.


You may think such a beautiful luxurious hotel could be quite intimidating. Well, the staff and concierge service is just super sweet and down-to-earth. They are the friendliest team who holds the most knowledge of the city, the hotel, and they even saved my time from getting a ticket to see the Paul Gauguin exhibition that’s currently showing in Basel. Anytime anything I need to know or ask, someone from the concierge/ reception/ room service is right there. Impeccable.

Many important historical figures had visited the hotel throughout the decades. Napoleon had lunch here with the authority of Basel to discuss French-Swiss relations in 1798, and the hotel created a Napoleon Suite afterwards. The suite is all painted in a mint green (which I jokingly called the Laduree green), it is so beautiful.  The décor with its elaborate plastering and beautifully painted ceilings and walls is in the style of Nouveau Louis XVI. The magnificent corner salon– in lime green, with painted relief medallions and gilded ornament.


Interesting again, look at the door frame, instead of inclining to the right towards the river, the frame is inclining towards the left.  I had been assured that the hotel is very stable, and I will wake up on the exact same spot. *phew*


Out of the 101 rooms and 18 suites, red is a big theme that runs through the hotel. Most of the rooms, including mine, is heavily decorated in red. It is a mixture of vintage tradition and modern technology.