Where should I begin…
There’s a lifestyle for everyone, and it may take some time to find and compromise, but ultimately, who doesn’t want the quality of life?
Living in busy cities like London, Hong Kong and especially in Asia, the speed of life seems to be too overwhelming that we forgot what is the quality of life.
Earlier on I went to Taipei, Taiwan for a short weekend, remembering vaguely how it was (pretty similar to Hong Kong) – lots of good food, friendly people, a place with good reading culture etc…until I was introduced to a very arty lifestyle brand called VVG, and it all changed my impression as if I was re-discovering Taipei and the fact that one can actually HAVE a quality of life even in a busy city.


I love the concept of VVG, because it is a lifestyle brand made with heart. Every little thing counts in daily life. And VVG is exactly trying to provide an option, offering a concept  about incorporating everything beautiful and artistic into daily life. All the details you may have missed out might be the ones that actually adds to beauty of life. VVG stands for Very Very Good (好樣). I have heard that VVG has been known for its restaurants, but I didn’t know they also have a wide range of other shops and even a boutique hotel.

So I stayed at VVG BB+B  (a member of the label TemptingPlaces) for the weekend, but I was IMPRESSED. I have to say, it took me a little while to find the hotel, because it is actually not a hotel. It is hidden within residential building on a very chilled street in Taipei city center.

VVG BB+B has only 4 rooms (yes, 4!), and each of them has a different theme. The June Suite, the Evon Suite, Fancia Suite and Fancia Suite with Kitchen.
My room is the June Suite, it has a setting of British Library, on top of a little balcony, there was also leather bed and sofa, a mixture of metal, industrial and wood interior, and more than 1000 books and magazines in the room to read…



My favourite part of the room, has to be the bathroom with the gorgeous bathtub. I simply stayed in the bathtub for as long as I could every night…
The bath tub on the other side of the bathroom…super cool isn’t it?


That’s not my room, I sneaked into the suite next door while the housekeeping was preparing the room… I just couldn’t resist taking a look at what the other suites look like.



I knew the food in Taipei is amazing, but having this just started my day perfectly. This is one of the best breakfast I’ve had, prepared by the VVG Bistro [ 好樣餐廳 ] next to the boutique hotel. Speaking of the Bistro, all food are freshly made and prepared by the kitchen everyday, they even have their own bakery where breads and jams are freshly made everyday next door at the VVG Chiffon.  [ 好樣喜歡 ]



VVG Bistro [ 好樣餐廳 ] is the beginning of VVG. The bistro started back in 1999, with an elegant setting of a little french bistro hidden behind the busy Taipei city streets…from  breakfast to coffee to sunday brunch, the Bistro will prepare delicious food with heart for you.

As I walked to the next door, there comes VVG Chiffon [ 好樣喜歡 ]. There sits beautifully a garden with french style chairs and tables, and a little window serving freshly baked bread and pastry daily. You kind of forgot you’re actually in Taiwan.



On the other side of the VVG Chiffon is a little shop that sells fabric, buttons and all sort of tailoring materials. Some of them sourced from the UK, the idea is to remind people the traditional skill sets of sewing, tailoring and knitting etc before everything got replaced by machines.



From where I stood, taking the photo above, is a bookstore by VVG. its called VVG Something [ 好樣本事 ]. Inside the little book store you can find books of all kinds from all around the world. Some of them may only have one copy, and some of them might be very hard to find elsewhere. Little decorations from designers, architects etc can also be found there. The whole concept of this store is not to make money, but to bring in interesting books and little things from all around the world and introduce them to anyone who walks into the shop. There you find interesting things that definitely makes your life more beautiful.

Few steps down from VVG Chiffon is another restaurant of VVG, called VVG Table [ 好樣餐桌 ]. Established in 2005, the restaurant is more a French cuisine where you can wine and dine. A beautiful setting with a mixture of European elegance and Moroccan touch. They have some pretty good wine there.


And when I turned onto another street behind all these boutique hotel, bistro, bookstore and restaurant. There’s this candy land/ cafe called VVG Bon Bon. [ 好樣棒棒 ]. Inspired by the movie Marie Antoinette in 2008. the sweets shop is a fantasy land for any girls who love pink and the french fairy tale, indulging themselves with pastel colour sweets and cakes.

And these are just part of the VVG lifestyle. The next day I went to a very cool restaurant/shop in another part of the city, called VVG Thinking [ 好樣思維 ]. Hidden in a red brick building which used to be a factory, this restaurant/ bookstore/ exhibition place was established in 2012. I had lunch there and had a walk inside, without realizing I actually spent more than 3 hours in this place. The design concept is coherent with all other VVG places- a mixture of european elegance and industrial deco. Food is equally delicious and the coffee is just GOOD.


IMG_0829  IMG_0826

So you see, where should I begin…lifestyle is not just one part of your life or one area of your routine, it is all connected. From what you eat to where you sleep, it’s all intertwined. VVG has a chain of lifestyle shops and cafes that gives you inspiration on what you may need. I’m just really happy to find out about the stories and about VVG itself. I almost forgot I was in Taipei when I was in one of those places. I would really recommend this place to all my friends who visits Taipei, because in the end of the day, you just want a space where you can breathe, take some time out and relax in a busy city like Taipei. I wish there is something similar in Hong Kong too.

VVG BB+B [ 好樣公寓]
台北市忠孝東路四段181巷40弄18-20號 2/F
+886 02-27754386

VVG Bistro [ 好樣餐廳 ]
+886 02-87733533

VVG Table [ 好樣餐桌 ]
+886 02-27755120VVG BonBon [ 好樣棒棒 ]
+886 02-27114505VVG Something [ 好樣本事 ]
+886 02-27731358

VVG Thinking [好樣思維 ]
華山文創產業園區.紅磚六合院 C 棟 ( 杭州北路.北平東路口 )
+886 02-23225573VVG Chiffon [ 好樣喜歡 ]
+886 02-27515313VVG Action [ 好樣情事 ]
+886 02-66365888 #1901