Tivoli Gardens is one of Copenhagen’s landmark. It is an amusement part that has opened since 1843. Third time around my visit to Copenhagen, I still didn’t get the chance to enter the park for a visit. But it wasn’t until I arrived then I realized Nimb hotel is actually inside the garden, and hotel guests have a special entrance via the hotel.

Nimb Facade from Tivoli gardens

During my visit, I had the pleasure to stay at the Nimb hotel, I have to say I’m really impressed by the character of this luxury hotel. In contrast to D’Angleterre which was very elegant and posh, Nimb hotel has a very different type of personality to offer. You might want to ask why there is an Arabic style hotel set within the very traditional Danish garden, and here is your answer:

Nimb was originally built in 1909 as an Arab fantasy castle by Tivoli head architect and director Knud Arne-Petersen. Nimb opened as a “Bazaar” with exhibitions of arts and crafts. Tenants William and Louise Nimb had established themselves as two of the city’s leading gastronomic contractors and had already taken over their first Tivoli restaurant in 1877, namely DIVAN 2 at Tivoli Lake, which quickly came to be popularly known as ’Nimb’s Terrasse’. When DIVAN 2 once again became part of Nimb in 2011, the establishment changed its to name simply to Nimb Terrasse. Since then, the establishment has undergone many transformations, and in 2007 Nimb underwent a total renovation – not only externally, where the façade’s arabesques of low-grade material were replaced with Italian marble stucco, but also internally, where the new solid Dinnesen wooden floors and interior elements of Oland granite helped give Nimb a modern, Nordic air with warm colours and natural materials.

On the entrance and inside the lobby of the Nimb hotel, you can see a few bicycles, and they are all available for hotel guests to rent and explore the city in a Danish way. Denmark is a very cycling friendly country, if it wasn’t the windy and rainy weather during my stay, I will definitely rent one and explore the city also.
Stepped inside the hotel, it is a very unique hotel that you need to find your way around.  You may think there’s only 17 rooms (out of which 12 are suites), it can’t be hard to find the rooms…but trust me…you really need to know your way inside.


Immediately on your left next to the reception you see the bar and brasserie, which offers you a very edgy elegance with a modern touch, set within the Moorish architecture. Other than those, the Nimb experience also include Terrase, Bar n Grill, Vinotek and Fru Nimb etc.

To find your rooms, you need someone to show you the way, fortunately everyone in the hotel is very helpful. From showing me to my room, giving me directions, calling a cab for me and finding the locations for me, they’re always happily helping with the warmest gesture. My room is actually behind the beautiful bar that everytime I walk pass I couldn’t stop taking photos. The bar is a popular place as it also offer afternoon tea during weekends. Meeting friends for a chilled drink here is quite a good idea.

IMG_0343 IMG_0341

Now you see why? The painting on the wall is beautiful isn’t it?
Every detail counts is what I truly understand in Nimb hotel.

Can you find my door number?
It’s the roman numbers on the left bottom corner on the floor carved on the stone. That’s why I said you need to know your way back to the rooms.

My room was a very cool and spacious one. All the furniture are vintage pieces, and there is a touch of oriental and arabic elegance.
I love the windows that gave me a view of the Tivoli Gardens from the inside. Unfortunately it is closed now for the winter…

That’s the view of the hotel from my window by night.

This is a real fire place that hotel staff can come over and light it up for you if you wish.


After hours of walking and standing and some events, the first place I rushed to is this bath tube.

Each room has its own setting and design, but they are equally stylish.



I had a very different experience at Nimb hotel, it’s really worth staying as there’s so much character set within the hotel and the garden. Location wise, needless to say you can’t miss it, and literally right across the main train station, you can be in Sweden in less than 45 mins.

Thank you for giving me a chance to see and experience Tivoli in the winter, and showed me a very different Danish luxury boutique hotel.

Bernstorffsgade 5
1577 Copenhagen
Telephone: +45 88 70 00 00