Sometimes I wonder if I’m actually a fashion journalist or a travel journalist… but nowadays everyone is living their live in a fashionable way right? so it doesn’t really matter.

Earlier I went on a little pre-Christmas retreat in a few cities in Europe. Of course I cannot miss out my favourite retreat city- Zurich. I have never stayed in the city center of Zurich on the river, so I stayed at Hotel zum Storchen. It is right in the middle of the city center, bridging the old town and the new town, opposite to the city hall, you get the best access to both sides of the river.

Something interesting about the Hotel zum Storchen :

“It is not known exactly how the hotel got its name «Zum Storchen». Legend has it that the name was adopted after a pair of rare black storks nested on its roof. In 1357 the «Hus zum Storchen» was mentioned in the tax records for the city of Zürich for the first time and just over 100 years later, it was specifically described as an inn.”


1357! so you see, the hotel has been known for more than 650 years in Zurich! It’s a place with history. Because the location of the river is narrowest here at this point, and it was where the first bridge was built, so Hotel zum Storchen has one of the most unique location in the city. But, within the past 650 years, the hotel had been an inn, a department store, guest house.. and it only became the “new Storchen” from 1938 onwards, the complex old building consists of shops and guestrooms has now become one of the most booked hotels in Zurich.


Storchen by night from the opposite side of the river. It has its own little ferry pier. how cute.


And of course, christmas trees!


Underneath the hotel balcony consists of shops and an outdoor bar area of the hotel, where you can have coffee or drinks with a special view of the river and Zurich.



My room facing right at the river and the church Grossmünster. It’s a cozy little bedroom on the 3rd floor, with one of the best views of the hotel. I could open the french windows and hear the chime of the church bells, or people watch from above which is quite interesting. Since it’s right in the middle of the city center, and I went over during a very busy weekend, it could get a little noisy by night if I left the windows open. I never imagined Zurich being noisy, but during this festive seasons, everyone’s out for some fun, comparing to London, that’s still nothing.


It was such a beautiful day, and I’ve taken a million photos at the exact same spot, but this is just too beautiful. Truth is, it’s one of the best spot to take a photo of Zurich, right outside the hotel.


With the little historical background given earlier, now you see why the restaurant has such a medieval touch. It was so different and so special when you walked into this restaurant for breakfast.  all the wood pillars and panels, you feel like you’re in the hall of a king in Tudor times.


Absolutely love this chandelier, with the christmas ornament decoration it looks so dazzling.

I love everything with a little history, it’s so fascinating when you’re in a building where it has been there for such a long time. Swiss hospitality is really the best. If you’re only staying in Zurich for one night or a very brief trip, this is the best location for you, 10 mins walk from the Zurich Hauptbahnhof (main train station), and a very decent walk along the river too. You can easily get to anywhere in the city on foot, or hop on a tram at the station which is just 1 min across the hotel. Too easy!

Thank you so much Storchen for having me, I had a great time there experiencing Zurich in a different way.
Hotel zum Storchen

Storchen Zürich
Weinplatz 2
8001 Zürich
+41 44 227 27 27