Told you I’m in love with Switzerland.

How should I describe this country…I guess it’s hard to put a finger on a particular aspect …it’s like when you fall in love with a person, you can’t really explain why.

I’ve lived in quite a few different cities and countries with quite different culture, most of them are really nice ones. Switzerland is known for its harmonious and peaceful lifestyle, the decent upbringing of the people and the quality of the mentality. Perhaps due to its geographical location, Switzerland is blessed with one of the most beautiful natural scenery in Europe. It is my kind of winter wonderland, my paradise. So it is no surprise that I’m always retreating into Switzerland, transportation is so convenient and easy, within an hour you’re in another city, trains and trams are always punctual, flying over from London is quicker than being on the MTR train from Chai Wan to Tsuen Wan.

Lucerne is such a small town (it has an area of 15.8 square kilometers (6.1 sq mi), and a population of 80,501 only) that honestly I figured out where to go for what without even looking at the map for once. It’s a place like Florence, I can get lost without having to worry that I will be really lost because it’s so small, and so easy to navigate. Cities along the river also has an advantage, as long as you stroll along the river you can’t really get lost.

During my visit it was pre-Christmas, so I wandered around and managed to stumble across one of the christmas markets. there the people love having christmas Gluhwein (mulled wine), Punsch (christmas punch with or without alcohol), and sausages with bread. It’s a tradition and everyone is having a glass of wine and some bread, it moved my drinking to a much earlier time of the day, but walking in a cold weather, drinking some hot Gluhwein instantly warms me up. But i’d say people who’re not very tolerant to alcohol on empty stomach might want to share a glass with friends, as it can be quite strong.




Lucerne’s most recognized landmark – The Chapel Bridge (Kapellbrücke), the oldest covered bridge in Europe originally built in 1333, but the 204m long wooden covered bridge was burnt down few times and restored.




It never bores me to just stroll along the lakeside or sit on the same spot doing nothing. The air is so fresh, city so clean and so quiet, I felt like nobody knows how to raise their voice there.


In winter, you see the snow covering the top of the mountains surrounding Lucerne, which makes it such a picturesque scene to look at.


One of the city’s signature landmark. The Löwendenkmal – Lion Monument of Lucerne- designed by Danish sculptor Bertel Thorvaldsen and hewn in 1820–21 by Lukas Ahorn. It commemorates the Swiss Guards who were massacred  during the French Revolution in 1792 in Paris, France.


As I strolled along the lakeside back to the hotel, looking back at the bridges all lit up.. it’s so festive so beautiful.


How beautiful it is waking up to the morning sun. The first sunlight from sunrise. you can still see the mist on the lake…


The city is too peaceful, honestly if I have to live there for any longer than 3 months maybe I’ll start to miss the party scene in London and Hong Kong.. but once every while retreating into such a calm place restores my sanity and inner peace. There is really nothing much going on in the city on a daily basis, so if you want party, night life, Lucerne is not on your list. But if you want cultural events, do check it out as it’s the cultural capital of the rural part of Switzerland. If you just want a getaway and be closer to nature, definitely make a day or two to Lucerne and feel the tranquility the town can offer.