After staying in a very traditional hotel in Vienna, I had the privilege to stay at a more modern side of Vienna.

Staying at Palais Hansen Kempinski Vienna was a completely different experience. Palaise Hensen Kempinski Vienna is housed in a listed palais designed by Theophil Edvard von Hansen and Heinrich Förster, built between 1869 and 1873 for the world exposition in Vienna in 1873, is situated on Schottenring street, part of the famously glamourous Ringstrasse Boulevard of Vienna. Even it was built originally as a hotel, until 1945 it was used as police headquarters home.  The building is considered one of the most prominent buildings of the Viennese historicism. The complex building structure made it very difficult when Palais Hansen Immobiliengesellschaft teamed up with Kempisnki Group in sept 2010 to restore and remodel the building into a hotel.


The hotel is only few minutes walk from some very signature sights in Vienna such as the Rathaus (Town Hall), Stephansplatz (St Stephan’s Cathedral)  etc, it is conveniently located. I had some really nice walks around the hotel and explored the city from the different side. Just few stops on the metro from the train station and airport, the hotel is literally 3 mins walk from the closest metro station. Like I mentioned, Vienna metro station is very easy to navigate, there’s only a few lines indicated by colour and numbers, as long as you get the direction right, it will take you to anywhere within 30mins.


The florist next to the hotel, it was so beautiful I couldn’t resist taking a photo while walking pass.


You can feel the grand ambiance once you walked into the hotel, during my stay it was one of the busiest weekend in Vienna due to Advent and pre-christmas, so the hotel was decorated into a very festive scene and I absolutely loved it.  You might think such a luxurious hotel must be quite intimidating, truth is, the hotel staff are so friendly and nice that they’d do anything to help you in everyway. During my stay it was a national holiday so everything was closed early.  I was starting to come down to a cold by that time and when I was asking for a closest pharmacy, the hotel staff was so nice and tried to look for the nearest pharmacy and checking their opening hours for me. Unfortunately by the time I got there it was closed due to the holiday, I came back and the hotel staff asked did I manage to get any, I said I couldn’t, and he even gave me his secret formular of how to cure a cold… which was quite intriguing. On the next day when I was going out for a walk, one of the hotel staff asked me ‘how are you today? feeling better? did you sleep well?’, while another hotel staff was so nice and sweet and telling me ‘it’s cold outside today, wrap warm madame, especially you have a cold now.’ How sweet is that?! I mean, how thoughtful is the staff that not only remembering who I was (out of the countless guests in and out), but also remembering I have a cold?!


the hotel lobby and lounge area, with lots of natural sunlight from the centrum, and a very modern lift that takes you to the room. As you can see the hotel lobby is very festive but chilled. Every day by 5pm during the advent there will be a lucky draw for hotel guests who were having afternoon tea, so it’s a little surprise treat from the hotel. And by evening, there was a very cool pianist performing in the lobby until very late at night.





Out of 98 rooms and 53 suites, I was very lucky to be upgraded by the hotel to a junior suite which was HUGE. Not only I had a huge king size bed that I didn’t want to leave, (it was VERY COLD outside) I also had my own ‘walk in wardrobe’ and a big bathroom plus a lounge area. I also had one of the sweetest welcome by the hotel, they had prepared some traditional Viennese treats prior to my arrival and a hand-written note, I feel so spoilt by the hotel!



The  interior is very modern, every room has an ipad with the guests’ details, and it can be used to control everything in the room, and even order room service or housekeeping service.




View from my window/balcony. I was facing a quiet street but the windows are so huge that I loved having them open to let the natural daylight in.


The hotel has 2 restaurants and a cigar lounge. Out of the 2 restaurants Die Küche and Edvard (a 1 Michelin star restaurant that was closed on the day I visited), I had dinner and breakfast at Die Küche (The Kitchen). It was one of the best hotel restaurants I’ve been, particularly the breakfast, it was the best by far in most of my stays in Europe.

The design of Die Küche is very modern and hip.


The Chef’s table, where you can see the chef in action. Everything is made in front of you and it’s all open kitchen.


One of the restaurant’s signature dish beef tartare, the chef is preparing the tartare in front of you, with a wide selection of ingredients that he will ask for your preference and customize it into your specific taste. I’ve had to modify a little bit but he was more than happy to create my own version of beef tartare.


It was truffle season so it was the restaurant’s recommendation of the week, I had some truffle with pasta, they bring the pasta out, and bring the whole truffle, weight it as 0gram in front of you, and sprinkle as much truffle as you want, and weight it again. The reason why they do so is to again tailor to your own taste, and also they’re charging it per gram. It was very tasty…

By the end of the dinner the chef would come over to the table and explain to you whats on the menu for the dessert, I picked a chocolate trio, with white, milk and dark chocolate cake and lemon sobert.


The restaurant’s setting also allow a lot of natural daylight to come in. It was particularly light during breakfast time. This is the Wintergarten ( in English it’s Winter Garden) the Conversatory.


A great day starts with a great breakfast. Breakfast at Die Küche definitely started my day perfectly. The selection of hot and cold food was so much that I didnt know where to start, the quality of the food was very fresh and top-notch. I would definitely wake up early just for the breakfast.


There was also the shot of the day (the orange small shot glass), it’s like a nutritious drink freshly prepared by the restaurant to boost your daily vitamins.


I had experienced two very different types of hotels in Vienna this time, if you’re the type of traveller who prefers minimal and modern with a historical touch, this place is perfect for you. It is like you’re still connected to modern times within a historical setting, everything is at your fingertips. The location of the hotel is convenient yet slightly away from the busiest part of the city, but within 15mins walk you’re right in the center, so it is also a good choice if you prefer somewhere accessible yet quieter by night. I really enjoyed my stay at the hotel and so touched by how caring the hotel staff was!

Thank you Palais Hansen Kempinski Vienna for being such a beautiful thoughtful holiday home.
Palais Hansen Kempinski Vienna
Schottenring 24,1010 Vienna
+43 1 236 1000