Hotel Imperial Vienna - Exterior low res

Ever imagine yourself as a princess, a prince, a queen or king, living in a beautiful palace? Here is a chance for you to experience.

Over my christmas retreat, I decided to stay at Hotel Imperial in Vienna because I already fell in love with the photos on the website. So I had the pleasure to take a look around the beautiful hotel, and I’ll let the photos speak for itself…

The Hotel Imperial, now part of a Luxury Collection Hotels & Resorts, was originally created in 1863 as the Vienna residence of the prince of Württemberg. The stately palace on the magnificent Ring Boulevard was transformed into the Hotel Imperial for the universal exhibition in 1873.

The grand entrance of the hotel lobby. As you walk in, you feel like you’ve stepped into a palace with the warm lighting from the beautiful chandeliers. The hotel staff are very warm and helpful, basically I bugged them everyday about everything from train tickets to check out time to asking for the nearest supermarket etc…and they’re always answering with a nice smile on their face, telling me in all details to make sure I won’t get lost and I get all my answers.



The grand staircase right next to reception.. which leads you to….




On the sides of the corridor there are two beautiful portraits of Sisi (Empress Elisabeth of Austria) and her husband Franz Joseph I who later became Queen and King of Hungary and Croatia. (sounds familiar? think what Karl Lagerfeld just did with Chanel Salzburg…starring Cara Delevingne and Pharell Williams) Sisi and Franz Joseph I were very influential figures in Austria, so you won’t be surprised to find their portraits and stories everywhere in Austria especially in Vienna.

Anyways, their history is quite fascinating, for those who are interested can look it up. Some people may be wondering why the nicest and most grand rooms in Europe are always on ground floor, first floor and second floors, that is because in historical times, kings and queens or rich people wore extravagant outfits and they don’t walk that much. So the architecture was built to fit for these people, so that they could walk less when going up the stairs. Usually the highest ceilings with large balconies are on ground and first floors, when in the past you get a pretty good view of the cities anyway before skyscrapers appeared. The higher you get the lower the ceilings, because they are usually for servants or helpers or less important people to stay, so the rooms are usually smaller and narrower. But most European luxury hotels now are aware of the fact that Europeans travellers and Asian travellers have very different histories and hence this mindset: most Asians travellers prefer a higher up floor for a better view and a quieter night, so most hotels will try their best to find their balance and take into consideration while arranging the best possible room to cater different travellers’ requirements.

  Moving onto the rooms, no, suites!

The Royal Suite- once the private apartments of the palace’s owner, Prince Phillip of Württemberg. One of the most luxurious suites that Michael Jackson once stayed. If it’s good enough for the King of Pop, it’s definitely good enough for me! Just look at the decoration and the chandeliers…The rooms can also be connected to the Imperial Junior Suite if there’s a big family staying or needing more space.. speaking of royalty now! Definitely fit for a King! a real one!



One of the Imperial Suites- The very room that Lady Gaga stayed…I’m not surprised!



The hotel’s heart-“1873 – HalleNsalon”, a historic salon now transformed into a lounge bar. Named after the hotel’s birth year, 1873, this cozy Imperial salon is a stylish venue for guests. Reminiscent of a library, it is the perfect place to relax and unwind with piano performance beneath the dazzling crystal chandeliers, and restored decorative angel friezes on the walls and ceiling above.




A dining room that used to be a stable (how grand it is for a stable!!!), now it can serve as a restaurant or event venue for guests.


Couldn’t stop admiring the blue wallpaper and the chandelier in my room, I have the exact same wallpaper in my own bedroom at home! ha!


When I came back one night, I found this on my door- it was Saint Nikolas day (6th Dec) and on that day Santa will deliver presents! haha I was like a child again so happy finding a little christmas surprise on my door!


Inside it was some nuts, chocolates, a note from the hotel for all guests, and some tangerines… how sweet and thoughtful! IMG_5294

The gracefully restored Café Imperial Wien is a historical landmark that serves Viennese culinary classics, it’s where breakfast is being served. Quite a good selection of Viennese breakfast that includes the own Imperial Torte (Homemade traditional chocolate cakes in layers), of course Viennese coffee, champagne (yes for breakfast!) and an elegant Viennese vibe. IMG_5485

So you see, it does make you feel like a royalty doesnt it? Imperial Vienna maybe quite expensive for some travellers but if the budget can afford for even just a night, I’d say definitely go experience it yourself. It won’t disappoint you. It is the only hotel in Vienna that provides personal butler service, and with its history and gorgeous architecture, how can I not like this place? Unless you’re completely against the glamourous imperial historical links, this place is a closest to a palace within an affordable price range.

Thank you so much Imperial Hotel for giving me a chance for my imperial dreams, and my happy Christmas surprise too!

Hotel Imperial, Vienna
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