You must think I’m crazy by now, but there is a reason why Switzerland is the capital for some of the best hotel management schools right?

I’ve visited Luzern few times when I was a kid, and interestingly out of many places I’ve visited, it is one of the place that I remembered almost every detail. in fact it was my first taste of luxury in my memory. Since it was road trip starting from Amsterdam, for some reason we ended up in a very grand and beautiful hotel in Lucerne, there were 2 families, mine and my uncle’s a total of 9 people and 5 kids from baby to 17yrs old.. we had the entire top floor of the hotel, facing the lake, with all rooms connected, high ceilings, french windows and balconies….it was simply beautiful and breath-taking…remember that was an impression for a child of 8yrs old or younger. Ever since then, I remember Luzern very well, it was a small city as I remembered, quiet, lots of swans and the bridge.


So, many years later I decided to re-visit this place, it hasn’t really changed a lot from what I remembered, and travelling from Zurich to Luzern was quicker than me leaving office in Cyberport to Causeway Bay sometimes… in around 45-50 mins I was there. Surrounding by beautiful Mount Pilatus, and Rigi in the Swiss Alps, the beautiful city sitting on the shore of Lake Lucerne is still as beautiful as I remembered.

I’m very happy and excited to be able to stay at Palace Luzern for my short visit this time. It’s part of Victoria-Jungfrau Collection too. As one of the most luxurious hotels in Luzern, this place is impeccable. It’s on the lakeside, quite a bit of walk (actually around 20mins or so) from the train station but in good weather, with such a beautiful scenery it’s worth the walk.  Built in 1904, the building remains spectacular, high ceilings, marble pillars and floors, it’s another home where you feel you’re back in time.


With a such a large area and building, there is only 129 rooms, and 65 are suites. so you can imagine the average size of the rooms are quite big. I’ve been told the restaurant ‘Jasper’ with an outdoor terrace is one of the best restaurants in town, and the PALACE Bar also has an outdoor lounge. The lobby of the hotel is really relaxing, people can wait there, or have a coffee during day time or a drink at night with the live pianist performance…which I did.. I was about to go back to my room and call it a night, when the pianist sat down, I ended up staying for 3 more glasses of wine and 1.5 hour…The bar has an English touch, and by night it transforms into a very cozy place, where there’s a cigar bar right next to the bar also. The hotel staff are so friendly, and they’re so attentive but keeping the fine line between too much and giving you space. You’re always just one glance away from having the attention of any hotel staff, but they will greet you warmly whenever they see you and not intruding your personal space.


I really felt like I was in a palace when I’m staying in the hotel, my room had the most spectacular view! I literally just sat outside the balcony and stared at the lake for as long as I could, and even it was freezing by night, I just sat outside staring at the stars, and having my coffee in the strong wind. But it was all worth it. I had my windows and curtains opened through the night, and it was so so so quiet that all I heard was the wave sound from the lake and water splashing onto the shore, and I was on the 2nd floor. It was THAT quiet, I also had to check if I really had the windows opened because I could not hear a thing.


Of course I took the advantage of the beautiful bath tub to enjoy a glass a wine while having a relaxing bubble bath with the amazing view… (to be honest it was so dark in the night you barely see anything )



It was really freezing, but I had the whole shoreline of Luzern in sight…


I felt so spoilt and finally had a great night sleep. Waking up to this… fully recharged and rejuvenated without even having to visit the spa. The rising sunlight woke me up gently…


As I head down for breakfast, I felt I had slept for 2 nights in a row…Walking into one of the more elegant restaurant for breakfast with lots of choices and warm greetings by staff, for a moment I really thought I was a princess…ha!

By now I had already got used to the Swiss way of doing breakfast. I never liked Croissant or not a huge fan of bread in my life, but because my swiss friends introduced me to the Gipfeli (Swiss name for Croissant) and it tastes sooooo fluffy and good, it’s only natural for me to reach for one during breakfast.

On a beautiful day before I head back to Zurich, I had a little coffee break at the outdoor terrace of the hotel. and then the funniest thing happened….!!


As soon as my glass of coffee and the biscuits touched my table, a little sparrow flew over and had a peck and flew away, 2 seconds later perhaps the same sparrow flew back and took my entire biscuit away! leaving me only 1 left, so I broke it into pieces, and this time I purposely left it there for them to take away, and tah-dah! CATCH YA !!!



I’m really really grateful for how lucky I am to be able to stay at the beautiful Palace Luzern, this has reassured my memory of how discreetly luxurious this tranquil little old town has been, and still is. Also, I reckoned it’s one of the best romantic places for a weekend getaway. In such a peaceful and beautiful town, all you can do is enjoy each other’s company and presence. If anyone asks me, I will definitely recommend this place, you get the best view of the entire town and the peacefulness and calmness that you wish for like a King or Queen.   Thank you so much for giving me a magical night of little imperial fantasy in Luzern. I really didn’t want to leave at all…!!


Palace Luzern

Haldenstrasse 10 | CH-6002 Luzern | +41 (0)41 416 16 16