I wish time can take me back …Waking up to this simple cheers me up.


By now you must have think I’ve moved to Zurich. Ha i wish! London is too noisy.

Thats why I chose to stay at Eden au Lac hotel in Zurich. There are many hotels I’ve stayed, and in the world’s smallest metropolis, Eden au Lac is one of my favourite places I can stay again.


As part of the Victoria-Jungfrau Collection, Eden au Lac is a very intimate hotel, with only 50 rooms in this traditional beautiful hotel, it is slightly further from the city center but it means you’re further away from any noise and traffic. Having said so, it’s only 20 mins direct train from Zurich airport.  Also, being the only hotel in Zurich that sits right on the lakeside, you can’t ask for more from this beautiful hotel. Keeping the top-notch swiss hospitality, you feel like home once you’re in the hotel. Especially during pre-christmas period, everything just adds a little sparkly touch and makes it more magical. You see the keys at the concierge,  they are still the very traditional types.  You pass your key to the staff for keeping and that’s where interaction happens. When I came back at night asking for my key, I got an xmas present from the hotel ! what a sweet surprise! it’s this kind of little personal touch that makes your day…It still amazes me how the entire hotel staff can recognize you within 30mins of checking in and greet you by your surname everytime they see you…


The red reindeers on the christmas tree are very meaningful. They are actually charity work that the hotel supports to make a child’s dream come true. On the reindeer some of them has cards written by children wishing their friends or family a happy christmas. Supporting the charity organization called Wunderlampe, the hotel will fulfill dreams of very sick or challenged children. These children will draw their dreams and wishes which is placed in a sketch book on the other side of the hotel lobby. Christmas is the best time for giving back, no? and some of these children’s dream is just as simple as being able to visit another city within Switzerland. It is such a kind act that Eden au Lac is supporting and actually helping these children to fulfill their dreams. You never know how big an effect you can make to another person’s life by one little touch of kindness, it may mean nothing serious to you, but it can mean the whole world to the other person…


Eden au Lac was built in 1909, the building in neo-baroque style is listed as a cultural monument. Most part of the hotel is kept to its original, as it is an old hotel with heritage,  sometimes you feel like you’re back in times…



The interior of Restaurant EDEN is so beautiful, there’s an imperial touch but not too much.  Hotel staff was very helpful also, they would do whatever they can to accommodate your needs and answer all questions you have. Because Zurich is such an international place, there has been a lot of tourists from many places, the to make their hotel guests feel at ease, the hotel has also a few chinese tv channels, and some staff that can speak chinese and cantonese also. For the same reason, the hotel bar, restaurant and breakfast also offer a selection of oriental food to suit everyone’s tastes.


The bar by night has a live performance, and it lit up the atmosphere to a jazzy cozy little bar. So i had a drink and unwind myself before I had one of the best night’s sleep in weeks…I always sleep very well in Zurich and Switzerland. I blame the noise and the buzz of London.



While the Roof top terrace ‘Top of Eden” offers you the best view of Zurich from above, it was freezing and so windy when I went up for a night view, but there were people drinking and the hotel can offer outdoor fondue as per request. I’d do it another time…


The shakiness of this photo speaks of how windy it was on the rooftop, it was so strong that could move me…IMG_6233

The beautiful and traditional mains staircase of the hotel, I just loved walking up and down even I had been walking the entire day in the city and couldn’t quite feel my legs. The squeaky noise of the wood as I walk made it even more historical and always puts a smile of my face…just me being mischievous…

My beautiful corner room with a balcony…. and a touch a retro elegance

I could sit in the balcony and just do nothing …especially I had only 2 hours sleep the night before…


The hotel had been so sweet- they practically spoilt me! Flowers, fruits, champagne, tea, chocolates, surprise presents and the warm welcome… it’s really so kind of them…made my first stop of the journey so much more relaxing and happy.


Breakfast was served at such a grand and elegant hall…what a beautiful way to begin the day…and onto my next place….



Again, I never doubted the hospitality of Swiss people. If you want somewhere quiet and slightly further from city center, intimate but grand, personal but not too much hassle, the elegant Eden au Lac is the place for you. I love strolling along the lakeside as I walk in and out of the hotel, it has 4 seasons in a day and the 15mins walk distance can take me an hour because every few steps I take, I’d stop and take photos of the ever-changing beautiful scenery! Find me boring but that never bores me.

Thank you Eden au Lac for having me and spoiling me before Christmas!


Eden au Lac

Utoquai 45 | CH-8008 Zürich | +41 (0)44 266 25 25