Forgive my radio silence… it was because I had been travelling and working …bad news is I haven’t been updating for a month.. (which I just realized..).. while good news is meaning there will be more hopefully interesting posts to be uploaded in the coming week before christmas!

Last few posts I mentioned that my swiss holidays are never ending, and it is still and will be on-going. Switzerland is a place that I fell in love with. When I was a kid travelling with my family in Europe, there are only a few places I remember vividly, and Switzerland is one of them. But it wasn’t until recently when I revisited the country and experience in my own way that I genuinely fall in love with the place and the people there. I’ve secretly decided that one day when I have nothing to do with the exciting fashion industry anymore, I will move and retire in Switzerland! but that is to say…many many many many years from now.

So, fun part of Zurich! Honestly I never related “fun” with Zurich, but I guess when you’re with the right people and you know the right place to go, it is indeed quite fun.

Here’s a collection of whats the fun bits of Zurich. Zurich West, Langstrasse (Long Street) in particular, is where the hip district is. It’s somewhat like Shoreditch and Dalston of London, it’s where the night life, party lovers young people like hanging out. I went there on my own exploring the area during day time, and in the night time with a group of fun friends, it was COMPLETELY different. I couldn’t understand where the fun was during day time, but once I got there around midnight, oh boy, only if you have enough energy to party on until you drop- that part of the city doesnt sleep…Having said so, even the party scene is buzzing all the way through the night, you’ve got to admire and respect the swiss people for how well they behave even after countless drinks. In London by 8pm you’d see drunk people and that is normal; in Zurich, you don’t find it noisy or loud even in a bar or on the street where groups of young guys and girls are drinking, smoking and having a conversation. By the end of the night, no one would be destroying anything on the streets or causing a scene.

Viadukt is an area within Zurich West, there are some coffee shops, restaurants, supermarket and boutiques in the area, all set within a very cool and raw brick and stone bridge. (Viadukt (Viaduct in English), refers to a bridge that spans over land, where sometimes in some countries railways can cross over). I’ve been told this is one of the hipster area and it’s close to the Zurich Business school, so I can understand why it’s becoming a younger hip area.










One of the bars I went with my friend, it’s called Clouds– think Aqua or Ozone in HK, it’s the place where you can see the city from above. but remember its Zurich, so on the 35th/F on Prime Tower it is already a very high venue. It is also just round the corner of Viadukt.




Zurich West is also the area where Zurich Fashion Days are held, this year it was held in a venue called Schiffbau (I don’t know what’s the exact English translation, but it is an industrial place where ships used to be built) Here are some snaps from the Schiffbau during Zurich Fashion Days..





Fashion days in Zurich are quite up and coming. Cannot compare to the scale of the big 4s, since it’s also half public and half industry, it also serves as a shopping event. But the way they manage the shows and the arrangement are so civil and so chilled, no dramas, no front row photobombing, just calm and civilized, doing it in the swiss way.

Back to the more city center of Zurich, Rennweg is one of the main streets where it’s more buzzing, and this is what I happened to see ….. It wasnt freezing that day but I do hope the water was warm!!


As I explored the city, I start to notice the creativity and the artistic side of Swiss people. They may not be outrageous or provoking, but they are visually and aesthetically pleasing. It’s the European touch with the traditional craftsmanship that creates the charm.






As I went during an expovina period, I’ve mentioned briefly in earlier posts that it’s like the wine and dine festival in HK, but all set within boats that linked together parked on the side of the lake. The all-you-can-drink wine tasting event was really good. Weather was excellent that night, sky was clear, people were fun, and like I said, I’ve never seen majority of people drinking in an area but behaving so well and calm. It was crowded, but everyone was polite and sensible, regardless of age. The mentality of the swiss people are really top-notch.

And of course, how can I leave Zurich without a proper fondue dinner with a group of amazing Swiss friends?

So you see…Zurich can be quite fun if you know the right place to go. There are times it is so quiet that I had the whole town to myself, but there are also buzzing times that you feel like ‘finally there are people out and about in Zurich!’ and yes, to me, Zurich is fun, because now i know where to go and what to do.

Speaking of food… in my next post I’m going to tell you what I mainly ate during my times in Switzerland..