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My Swiss holidays are never ending. Zurich is a special city and to me it is the perfect hideout place in Europe. It has the charm of the historical old city and the modern city within walking distance. Swiss people in general are very friendly and they have the charm to put a smile on your face no matter where you are. Staying on the other side of the lake at Ambassaor à L’Opéra this time, it is a little hidden gem in the old town very close to the lakeside. Right next to the Opera house, a traditional building which used to be part of the former Uto Castle built in 1898 in the neo-baroque style, this little gem is just sweet.

Hotel Ambassador historic


Just a few steps (like 2 mins walk) from the Stadelhofen train station, the hotel’s location is perfectly linked with all kinds of transportation. In less than 20 mins by train directly from Zurich airport (in Hong Kong or London 20 mins can get you to nowhere)…you’re in one of the most connected spot in the old town of Zurich. 1 min walk from the nearest tram station, where trams can take you all the way to Zurich West in another 18mins..and less than 15mins walk you can find yourself in the heart of the old town.. this is one of the best location on this side of the lake.


I never doubted the hospitality in Switzerland, as one of the friendliest nation in the world, Swiss people are so polite and kind. While waiting for my room (it was only a 10 mins wait, and I arrived earlier than check-in time), the hotel offered me a drink in the lobby.  I am getting so addicted to Swiss coffee.. there’s something about their milk…that is just the perfect taste for me. When I asked if they can put the coffee onto my room bill, they said the coffee is complimentary because the room isn’t ready yet and I’m waiting it’s on the house…. it is something small but touches you, because it makes you feel the sincerity of how the hotel want to provide you the warmest welcome possible.


The hotel is really a small luxury hotel. It is intimate and cozy. If you are looking for something with a chandelier and a mile long red carpet entrance set within a grand hotel with extravagant decoration, this is not the place for you. But if you want a cozy boutique style temporary home, you’ve come to the right place.


The restaurant in the hotel is famous for seafood, fish in particular. It is one of the most artistic one I’ve been to- the wall-paintings done by Tatjana Tiziana depicting scenes from the world of opera transforms the restaurant into a special place for dining. You can’t help but admire how much is going on in the interior but it isn’t intimidating. It is where you can have an amazing swiss breakfast to start the day.. or a little drink at the bar to unwind after a day….

My room is really cozy, the natural day light combines well with the interior decoration, immediately I put myself into a sleeping mode even it is beautiful outside. I just wanted to rest in this little warm place.  In fact I did, I had a nice nap, which I haven’t been able to do in London! One thing special about the rooms, is that all beds have electrically-adjustable mattresses…I had quite a lot of fun trying out all options on how I wanted my mattress to be…! Ha! The hotel has been so kind as well, writing me a greeting card and preparing some traditional swiss welcome treats with a little explanation note on the side telling me stories behind. How sweet!!



View from my room, I was on the 3rd floor and I could see part of the lake and some of the main road. It is quite a busy road but comparing to London, the noise is nothing. I still managed to have a really really good sleep.

The fun part began when I joined the hotel Director of Sales and General Manager for a welcome wine-tasting in the early evening. Every friday evening they organize a wine-tasting section, with selection of Swiss wine and some canapes as a welcome evening to meet and mingle with hotel guests. It is something I have not experienced before in most hotels I’ve stayed, and only an intimate hotel managed by people who really has a genuine care for all guests can make this happen. Hotel guests can have a chance to meet the managerial team, and the team can take the time and opportunity to get to know the guests personally.


In summer time, this event usually takes place on the private rooftop of the hotel: with a great view of the lake in the sun… just think about the beautiful sea breeze with a glass of wine…..what a life!

31 Roof Top Terrace

I really admire the hotel management, again, they are able to recognize every guest and address you by your surname.  I was impressed by the hotel security level. When I head back to the hotel past midnight, the double hotel entrance doors were deactivated due to security reasons, I had to press the door bell and on-duty staff came over and open the door for me. This is really good because I thought my hotel key card would be able to open the door but actually it couldn’t, meaning anyone entering the hotel past midnight will definitely have to be recognized and “permitted” by the hotel staff.  Zurich is a very safe city, I can walk on the streets alone at 4am without being hassled or having to worry about a thing, but the hotel security really impressed me and I do appreciate the effort they make to ensuring all guests having good nights’ sleep!

Next time when you visit Zurich and want a little cozy place to stay, whether it’s for a business trip or romantic getaway, or just like me, detaching from the buzz in London, be sure to sure look into Ambassador à L’Opéra, especially if you want to explore the old town and not really into shopping on Bahnhofstrasse (which is just 10mins walk away anyway)…

Thank you Ambassador à L’Opéra for being a sweet home away from home.


Ambassador à L’Opéra

Falkenstrasse 6 | 8008 Zurich | Switzerland
+41 44 258 98 98