It may still be warm in Hong Kong, but in Europe in general it is getting cold.. in fact.. rather cold. The constant rain and early sunset doesn’t help either. Now first world problem- what on earth is the best outerwear to beat such weather…that it is rainy, windy and cold but still staying “fashionable”? My answer is always a parka.

I have a collection of coats, long, short, cropped, thick, thin….all sorts mainly because weather here in London is so unpredictable, and the temperature difference between outdoor and indoor is way too big, you can keep your summer/autumn wardrobe pretty much the entire year, all you need is a weather-appropriate coat.

My recent go-to coat is definitely the khaki parka from ASOS. If it’s on a sunny day, I might be wearing something else, but lately it has been windy and rainy, so I’m always always wearing the same parka no matter what I wear inside.. It is so versatile and comfortable…!!



I even wore this parka to Zurich for my little getaway break. Zurich is colder and windier than London, and I tend to travel light so I only brought one coat with me that serves all purpose and has to be able to go with anything I bring…This faux fur trim and faux sherling lining parka makes it really fluffy and comfy to wear, with lots of utility pockets I sometimes just stuff everything into the pockets and go.

This is what I called the fluffy and furry:
Parka : ASOS
Scarf : Zara
Knit : AllsaintsJeans: Abercrombie & Fitch
Fur boots: Love from Australia
Cross body bag: Topshop


Here its a bit cozier and more relaxed with knit top and tights

Scarf : Zara
Knit : All saints
Tights: Falke
Ankle boots: AllsaintsIMG_3508

As you can see I’m again wearing the same parka…this time on a boat in Zurich lake where it’s quite cold and windy…it was still a bit cold even after I’ve had few hours of marathon wine-tasting, traditional swiss cheese fondue and some more liqueur post-dinner…

Parka : ASOS
Knit : Riverisland
Jeans : Abercrombie & Fitch
Tights: (hidden under the jeans because the wind is coming through my torn jeans!!) Falke (REALLY WARM)
Ankle boots: All Saints
Cross body bag: Topshop

I even wore the parka for hiking in Zurich!
Parka: ASOS
Scarf : Zara
Knit: Allsaints
Jeans: Abercrombie & Fitch
Ankle boots: Allsaints
Cross body bag: Topshop IMG_26821

So you can see… being a light traveller has to master the skill of wardrobe recycling…and the fun of basic mix & match..I’m all about simple,easy and comfortable.. unless I have a special occasion or a special event I have to attend that requires specific dress code.. most of the days I mix my basic wardrobe items and randomly pile them up according to how I feel like that morning….