Zurich during late Autumn is beautiful. Being in Zurich calms me down. There is something about Switzerland that makes people feel so peaceful. In such a clean and peaceful city, everyone is decent, polite and friendly, I could completely let my guard down and again aimlessly wander around the city. Zurich isnt a big city, within a day you can probably have a good walk around areas that worth exploring.




Since I was staying at Baur au Lac Hotel (which I had written about in an earlier post), it situates in front of the lake and the bridge that crosses over to the old town. So everyday I take a walk along the lake side, just taking in the beauty of the scenery, and the calmness of the city. One afternoon I just sat in front of the lake and meditate, and in such a peaceful place, I felt like I had a power nap.


With trams running across the city, transportation are so convenient and easy, my Swiss friend told me the worst thing can happen is to return to where you begin- if you jump onto a random tram, you cannot get lost in the city because they go around. Sometimes I jump onto a random tram and see where it’s taking me to, and jump off whenever I feel like I want to. It is that easy.


As I was walking along the lake side, all these boats are actually venue for an annual wine expo, which I was so lucky to have the chance to go with a big group of friends. All the boats are linked with each other, anchored to the pier at the lake, and you can go from one boat to another for bottomless wine tasting offered from all over the world. Few of the boats offer restaurants, where we had traditional swiss fondue on one of the boats. It was so much fun, because you get to taste all sorts of wine from literally anywhere, it really is all you can drink. From what I saw, people who went onto the wine expo all drank very sensibly, it wasnt even a loud and noisy annoying place to be in with loads of people drinking and chatting. I had such a good time. (think wine & dine festival but on a different setting)


The lakeside is a really beautiful place to stroll along. On a good day you can see the Alps from where you stand, and the tranquility of the water calms me down in a way that my whole body and mind slowed down. On the other side of the lake is the old town (altstadt), one of the landmark is the Opera House.


The Opera is somewhere hidden in this panorama photo, I was standing at the square in front of the Opera House, and it was newly built so everything was very modern in contrast to everything else in the old town.

This is not the Opera House but some random places I came across to within the old town..

Don’t mess with the swans- they can be quite aggressive if you attack them. but they are beautiful to watch.


I went hiking all the way up to the top of Zurich, and it took me 1 hour of hiking on some really steep slope and some really long walk, but once I got onto the tower on top of the little mountain, it was all worth it. I saw the Alps, and the whole of Zurich and the lake… it was cold and windy, but again, it’s worth it. Actually there is another easier way, by taking train from main station in Zurich city, it only takes around 20 mins to get to the top of the mountain, where there’s only 5-10 mins walk from the station.





Zurich by night is even more beautiful. Where clear sky with shining moon and bright stars hanging above your head closely, if you’re lucky, you might even see a shooting star! (which I did!)



so that’s the peaceful and tranquil part of Zurich… coming up in my later posts will be the fun and fashionable parts of Zurich….