I live in a city that has a river runs through, and I know how different atmosphere can be on either sides of the river. So on my second night in Florence, I stayed at Hotel Lungarno.

The beautiful Hotel Lungarno is part of the properties owned by Ferragamo family (yes, THAT Ferragamo). Standing at one of the best location on the river, all river-facing rooms can see Ponte Vecchio clearly, and the restaurant where few tables are set is the one and only outdoor riverside space that truly sits above the river with a magical view.

As part of the Lungarno collections, Hotel Lungarno is one that boasts traditional and classy Italian luxury. The hotel is one of the first hotels in Florence that incorporates Art pieces as decoration, there is a piece of Picasso’s drawing hanging at the lobby.   I will let my room speaks for itself.



Picasso’s drawing






The hotel room is so comfortable and so bright, and that’s the view from my room…


As I moved onto my lunch at the restaurant (I genuinely believe the quality and service of a hotel restaurant can affect the whole quality of the hotel).. it did not disappoint me at all. In fact the more I linger in the hotel the more I don’t want to go out!






Even I didn’t get a table at the outdoor terrace, which I found out why the morning after.. because they only have 4 tables so it’s easily filled up. I enjoyed a lot the food and the ambiance of the restaurant. I had a pasta-main-dessert course for lunch, and it is so delicious with the perfect portion that filled my afternoon.

As I went out to walk around the city and went to museums, I came back and decided to enjoy my peaceful night with a glass of Pierre Jouet at the front terrace at the hotel entrance.. it was the most beautiful tranquil night that I’ve had in months. Nothing but a beautiful view of the quiet Ponte Vecchio, stars aligning above my head, just pure tranquility and content.


And what’s better place to enjoy my breakfast than here..?

I just cannot express how much I love this hotel, everything from the location to the service is just impeccable. The concierge team is super nice- not only they welcomed me warmly everytime I walk pass, they are also the most helpful people in town, I have already decided that I will stay there again when I re-visit some time later!

Well on a second thought, I may stay at some other hotels by the Lungarno Collection if I return next time just to try it out!

Hotel Lungarno is part of the Lungarno Collection, owned by the Ferragamo family, are riverside luxury hotels located along the best areas near Ponte Vecchio, each other has a different style and theme, but they all want to make you feel like you’re relaxed and at home.
I actually walked pass all of them many times as I explore the streets without even knowing they are hotels because of their design and settings.

Continentale is an art and design hotel situated inside an old tower with a new extension at the back. It gives a 50s fashion vibe that celebrates the Italian glamour and fashion which began in florence in that era. Up onto the suite there has the best view of the town from the private balcony..


This is the rooftop bar that opens for public from 3pm..I wouldn’t want to go anywhere once I get there!!IMG_2124


Gallery Hotel Art is one of the most sort out hotels among creatives and artists. The name speaks for itself- it has a very cool and chic vibe, with photography exhibition showcasing at the hotel lobby, it is more for the younger hipster group of travelers, or solo travelers.


Some of the photography at the lobby


The hotel bar and breakfast place where the setting was inspired by a traditional library.

Portrait Hotel is one of their most luxurious and expensive hotel. Recently opened in May, the concept of the hotel is to genuinely make you feel like home. Lobby is not any traditional lobby but like a living room with no signage, before you check in they would ask for your preferences and to get everything ready in your room according to your personal preferences- it can be the music type you enjoy, or even sending them a photo of yourself and they will have it on the ipad in the room, the main goal is to make you feel like you’re home as soon as you step in. Personal services such as personal shopper, local tours etc are also available if you need.  IMG_2143

Not your average hotel lobby…I walked pass a few times, and from the outside I thought it was a furniture shop….


View from one of the rooms… what more do you want?