I haven’t been staying in Hotels apart from on my business trips for a while, as I’ve started using airbnb whenever I go on a holiday.. so I didn’t quite know what hotels to pick .. So I asked my best friends- google and tripadvisor.

and Grand Hotel Baglioni came up as one of the most popular hotels among travelers, so I decided to give it a try.

Location of the hotel is better than I thought it would be. 2 mins walk from Santa Novella Maria Train station, where a direct bus can take you from Florence Airport to here in less than 20 mins. It is one of the old school luxury hotel, if you’re expecting bright and modern design, this is not for you. The Hotel is located near the city center, within 3 blocks you find yourself at the San Lorenzo market I mentioned earlier, within 8 mins walk you find yourself at the front of Duomo, within 20mins walk you find yourself at the other side of the river.. it is quiet at night because its slightly away from the city center, but generally Florence at night is quiet and peaceful. (not like London!!)

Service of the hotel is quite up to standard, as my room wasn’t ready when I checked in, and they asked for my room preference I said I prefer higher floors with larger window (as I can get a little claustrophobic if there’s no window that can be opened)..so I went out for a short walk.

When I came back, they had put me into a larger room on the 4th floor, which is basically the top floor because 5th floor is their award-winning restaurant with stunning view.


The flat building at the far end is the train station


View from my room





As you can see, the rooms are keeping its old architecture design, wooden floor and panels, with a chapel-like stained glass window, and lights are with a luxurious touch.

I decided to have dinner at the roof top restaurant, partly because I was too exhausted to walk any further to look for food, partly because I wanted to try it out here. The view of the restaurant is stunning, with a large glass window facing the Duomo, service and food is just impeccable. I had been offered a glass of prosseco during dinner, along with the penne i ordered, delicioso!



Post dinner, I had been offered to go up to the roof garden for my dessert and I had set my sight there for a drink anyway, so I went up..and my god, if it wasn’t so windy at night that I didn’t bring along my jacket, I would have sat there until sunrise! I had my own little rooftop garden that sits on the top of the whole terrace, with 360 degrees of the city in my sight, it’s just magically beautiful and peaceful.



Need I say more?

I did enjoy my stay at the hotel even it’s just for one night. I do have to say they live up to the luxury standard, because after i’ve checked out and moved to another hotel on the next day, I realized I’ve missed the cap of my lens, so I called the hotel and told them, they promised to have a thorough check and get back to me. An hour later they called me back and tell me they couldn’t find anything and apologized for it. I really appreciated their efficiency and they do call me back (on my UK number, which to them is a long-distance call!). And as for my lens cap? It was actually in my leather jacket and I completely forgot about that…