OK – shoes.
I have to say, a pair of black suede pull on flat boots are the world’s easiest shoes to wear. it simply goes with everything and anything. Problem is there is rarely a pair of comfortable and reasonably priced simple pull ons that can go with your wardrobe.
But lately, I found this pair on one of my favourite online shops ASOS and I’ve been wearing it almost everyday with everything.
Just to give you an idea, I like doing it my way- easy and comfortable.

so I had been wearing them with my grey high waisted stretchy torn jeans (I ripped the other side of the jeans myself because I like it that way more), also from ASOS,
the pull on boots gives the jeans a touch of relaxing vibe, because it’s suede, so it’s more a day boots, and pairing with  my torn jeans, it basically goes with anything on top because the relaxed and casual vibe has already been set.


So, like I always do, I just threw on a black vest from All Saints and my new berry colour leather biker from Muubaa. Simple and easy- and it completed my day look that speaks my personality and gives me the comfort to run around the city all day long.
Another idea on how to wear them, is going for an even more relaxing way- I grabbed a pair of leather/PU panel leggings, and threw on a soft fluffy oversized knit on top. It is kind of like roll-out-of-bed pajama kind of look, but on a chilly day, I guarantee this is one of the most confortable look that gives you the laid-back vibe but you can also snuggle in your sweater. Again, because the pull on boots are in suede, so a panel of leather with cotton gives the contrast, and they work well with the material and will not blend everything into 2 black walking sticks..

IMG_1355  IMG_1350
If you want to take a better look of how they are,

you can find my boots here, and jeans here. Such versatile wardrobe essential for fall winter..!!