If you’ve read the recent September issue, you will be able to see there’s an interview with Charlotte Olympia at her home, (if you haven’t, be sure to get that issue before it’s all sold out!) That’s the sign outside Charlotte’s shoe/clothes room..lets just call it her cloak room, I couldn’t help but cracked up when I saw it while we were waiting for Charlotte to get ready.

I had the opportunity to visit Charlotte Olympia at her home in London, and she warmly invited us to talk us through her closets.. The gorgeous Charlotte is full of wit, humour, charm and she’s so down-to-earth – she’s just too sweet!! So can you imagine what happens when a shoe-aholic (me), meets a shoe queen. I thought I’m way beyond unacceptable for owning so many pairs of shoes (well , still trying to justify my collection as a “life-time” dividing by the years of my life.. it actually isn’t that much…) Anyway, I was simply amazed. All I could say was ” Wow…” I knew it was going to be amazing, I was simply hoping that one day I would have my own shoe ROOM that I can have every pair of my shoes laid out as well..So when I asked Charlotte the question that I got asked many times myself : ” so, how many pairs do you own?” Of course, I knew the answer would be “I don’t know, more than enough.” Charlotte’s chilled attitude makes the whole ambiance so relaxed and fun. It’s almost like 4 girls (Charlotte, myself, my photographer and her assistant) just having a shoe-chat in the closet.

We spent almost an hour in her shoe heaven, and Charlotte is just full of charm, and every inch a glamorous lady. We laughed so much when she was telling us about how she wasnt allowed to touch the teddy bear that sits on her sofa, which used to belong to her grandmother, and that how she has to have her hair done in the exact way, by a specific old Hollywood kind of perming technique that ” it sits this way no matter what’, and that how her sister tried to dress her in leather jackets, boots and jeans for a day and she couldn’t feel herself at all… It was such a delightful afternoon when you get to find out more about Charlotte in her own space, and everywhere in her beautiful house you can see her personal touch of creativity, art sense and humour.  IMG_7250
Charlotte dazzling in front of her very organized shoe shelves- she loves to organize her belongings by colours, categories and patterns.
Her collection of gifts and souvenirs from all her friends and travels, she needs to hide them when her little boys come into the room and play around.

Charlotte’s favourite : Red and leopard print. She has a name for each tiger and only she can tell who is who.. Charlotte says a pair of red suede pumps is something that you should go to when you don’t know what to wear. Its almost like instant glamour.

Charlotte’s shoe collection, as she puts it as ” these are just some of them, I haven’t even take the fall winter ones out..and there’re still a lot more in the garage, basement and in my office…” ah well, but she’s a shoe-designer and she samples all her shoes in her size, so technically she owns a pair of every design. You do the maths.

As much as I would love to share my experience and afternoon with Charlotte with you in more details, it’s best for you to grab a copy of Sept issue and read …..